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The British royal house confirms the royal titles of Harry and Meghan’s children

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have previously claimed that King Charlie doesn’t want their children to keep their royal titles – but now the titles have been added to the British royal family’s official website for the first time.

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It was during Wednesday that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – Harry and Meghan – referred to their children’s royal titles for the first time.

The high-profile mention came as a spokesperson confirmed that Lilibet was baptized in Los Angeles last week:

“I can confirm that Princess Lilibet was baptized on Friday, March 3rd by the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, Reverend John Taylor,” the person told People during Wednesday.

The titles changed on the royal house’s website

Harry and Meghan’s children have been entitled to the titles of prince and princess since Elizabeth II’s death last fall, due to a protocol introduced by King George V in 1917. According to the protocol, the children of a British regent (in this case King Charles) and grandchildren are automatically entitled to the title of prince or princess.

During Harry and Meghan’s much-publicized interview with Oprah in 2021, the couple said that Charles intended to change the protocol so that their children would not receive these titles when he ascended the throne – this is because, according to the statement, he believes that the British people want a royal house with fewer key people.

To change the protocol, the king must issue letters patent changing Archie’s right to be a prince and Lili’s right to be a princess. This has apparently not yet happened, as the children’s titles have now been updated to those of the British Royal House website.

It says that “Prince Archie of Sussex” and “Princess Lilibet of Sussex” hold number six and number seven respectively in the line of succession.

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