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The ‘Bofo’ Bautista charged against Diego Cocca and his appointment at the head of the Tri: “It is a garbage project”

Adolfo ‘Bofo’ Bautista showed his disagreement with the choice of Diego Cocca as the new coach of Mexico and so he let it be known through his stories on Instagram, from there he referred to the appointment as a “garbage project” and pointed out that it was sad that the Mexicans themselves did not believe in their countrymen.

The former soccer player for Chivas and the Mexican National Team, among other clubs, is known for his controversial statements in which he always gives his point of view without mincing words. And that is how this time he played Diego Cocca and once again the directors of the Mexican Football Federation. Bofo’s comment transcended through social networks and went viral since he is an authorized voice within Mexican football.

It’s a garbage project“Bofo said forcefully in his Instagram stories and also posted a survey where he made reference to the fact that in his opinion Mexicans are the same ones who do not trust Mexicans themselves. This assertion was accompanied by a photo of Julián Quiñones with the Mexico shirt.

It should be remembered that after the arrival of Cocca al Tri, much has been speculated about the nationalization of the Colombian soccer player Quiñones due to the good relationship he has with the Argentine strategist and who has also been fundamental in Atlas when they achieved the two-time championship together.

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