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The “Biggest loser” contestant leaves the program after Doctor Mikael’s words about her weight

Sandra Jönsson’s participation in Biggest Loser was short-lived after Mikael “Soldoktorn” Sandströms criticized her cheerful tone in the first episode. “I think you should be allowed to be happy and positive, even though you are overweight,” says Jönsson The evening paper.

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TV personality Mikael “Soldoktorn” Sandström is one of the experts who participates in TV4’s Biggest Losera program which, according to the channel’s description, aims to give people “a chance to change their lives by breaking unhealthy lifestyle patterns and getting rid of dangerous excess weight”.

The sun doctor: “To hell with it”

Sandra Jönsson, 29, is one of those selected for the program this year. But her participation was short-lived. According to Sandra herself – and several viewers – her lack of negativity about her weight during the first weigh-in was met with an unjustified harsh attitude from Dr. Mikael.

When Jönsson stepped on the scale, it showed 133.7 kilos. Unlike many other participants, however, Sandra did not seem particularly disheartened by the news:

“[Det är] less than when I last weighed myself,” she says in the program.

Doctor Mikael did not like the light tone, however:

“133.7 kilos is too damn much. I just want to bring it to the lighthearted note that it’s getting serious now. Your body is not feeling well,” he says with a serious face.

“Had no sad story to tell”

In a separate interview, Sandra explains that she had thought that the result from the weigh-in “would be worse”. She also believes that the “Soldoktorn’s” somewhat sharp tone was misplaced:

“If I hadn’t realized that, I wouldn’t be here,” she says. “You don’t have to raise your voice and shout, you can talk to me normally. I still understand.”

For The evening paper says Jönsson that her decision to leave the program was not only due to the incident at the weigh-in, but also to other things that happened in connection with the production. She says she started to feel bad during the filming because she couldn’t be herself:

“I think you should be happy and positive, even though you are overweight,” she tells the newspaper. “I didn’t have a sad or sad story to tell. At the castle, it was like it was something negative that I didn’t have that self-loathing towards myself that some others had. It felt like it was wrong.”

Doctor Mikael speaks up The evening paper that he “wasn’t particularly surprised” by Sandra’s defection:

“I think it was pretty clear that she had the usual reaction you have when you’re not ready for a lifestyle change: you run away,” he says.

Source: TV4

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