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The best tips for those who celebrate Christmas alone

Are you one of the Swedes celebrating Christmas alone this year? We have the tips to make this holiday significantly better.

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It is usually said that around three percent of Swedes usually celebrate Christmas alone, a number that has of course been higher during the pandemic. The reasons for celebrating Christmas alone can vary, but regardless of the reason, it can feel heavy to spend this holiday on your own. Read on to find out our best tips for those of you celebrating Christmas without company this year.

Don’t hold back your feelings

If you think it feels difficult to celebrate Christmas on your own, it is Swedish Churchs advice to tell people close to you about your feelings – they may not know that you feel alone. You can also talk to a priest or deacon who can both listen and advise on various arrangements that might suit you. Is it in crisis? Then you can call or chat with one priest on duty.

Take care of yourself

Although you may not feel the need to dress up on Christmas Eve, this does not preclude the possibility of indulging in some lovely self-care! Take a nice bath or take a nice, warm shower with your most luxurious soap, wrap yourself in your softest towel and put on a perfume that lifts your mood.

Pick and choose between traditions

Have you never been a fan of Donald Duck? Here’s your golden opportunity to skip that, and other traditions you’re not fond of. It can actually feel really liberating.

Eat like a king (or queen!)

Create your own Christmas table where, again, you choose what you like. Why not add some non-traditional things that you love? Unleash your imagination!

Choose a rewarding activity

In addition to the above, the UK charity recommends Mind the following activities that are both simple and rewarding:

  1. Get moving, preferably out in nature – even if it’s just a walk in a park.
  2. Call a friend – schedule a video call with a friend or family member during the day.
  3. Conscious presence – practice mindfulness through meditation or yoga.
  4. Learn something – this is a great opportunity to open that book you’ve been dying to read!
  5. Give something back – find a way to do something for someone else, whether it’s making a donation to charity or leaving a positive review at a business you appreciate. One piece of advice from the Church of Sweden is to take a look at volunteer assignments Volunteer Agency website – a good way to both break your own loneliness and at the same time help someone else.

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