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The best ski clothes of the winter! – Metro Fashion

If you are one of the lucky ones who have access to ski slopes this winter, we are jealous to say the least! Is there any better feeling than swishing down the hill and not thinking about anything but the present? For those of you who are going to hit the slopes this winter, we have collected the season’s best ski clothes.

Photo: Instagram @kelseymeritt/Perfect Moment

Are you looking for new ski clothes this winter season? We have collected a bunch of really nice ski clothes – stylish ski jackets and ski pants, nice underwear and lovely knitted sweaters.

Tip! A real favorite in the editorial office is the French brand Perfect Moment which was born in the ski resort of Chamonix 20 years ago and personifies design, style and passion for adventure!

Why use wool underwear?‌

Wool both breathes and warms well, which makes it very suitable for underwear. Wool underwear has temperature-regulating properties and regulates both cold and heat. Wool can hold large amounts of water without feeling wet, and also provides warmth, even when wet. It is also naturally anti-bacterial, which means that the woolen clothes smell less even when you sweat – then you can save both time and the environment, because you don’t have to wash your clothes as often.

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