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The best projects to decorate your room in Quarantine

Due to the pandemic and the social isolation generated by Covid-19, we have spent much more time in our homes than we used to when our routine was completely normal. With all this time indoors, and with free time to think, many people decided to radically change the interior look of their homes.

The rooms have not escaped these changes and in many cases have gained a completely new and restyled face. Today we are going to see some projects and ways to make your room more your own without spending a lot.

What this article covers:

Style is very important

How we make this change depends a lot on what we want for the room, our taste and our own style. The biggest trends for the bedroom in recent times are geometric figures in shades and color scales that should always match each other and the bedroom in general.

Another trend is plants and macramé, which are a braid that can be made from jute cords, crochet or even that simple white cord. The purpose of macramé is to decorate walls, since some “dream filters”, very common in bedrooms, frames or other objects are made in this way, in addition to being used to wrap the plants to make a kind of suspension, leaving them then , hanging.

We can also talk about plants, for you who love an environment full of life, (literally) plants are also on the rise. However, we must cultivate them and always taking care not to exaggerate the number of plants and not to keep the room completely closed at night, because as we know, during the night plants carry out a “breathing” process similar to ours, or that is, consuming oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide, inversely to what happens during the day, when they generate the oxygen we breathe.

The most common plants are ferns, cacti, succulents and lately the mini Saint George’s swords have been widely used.

geometric paintings

With a more futuristic and modern look, these paintings are quick, cheap and simple to perform. Just buy a ribbon that will serve as a divider for the colors. It is worth mentioning that the wider the tape, the further away one color will be from the other, thus leaving a greater margin. For colors, it is recommended to use pastel tones, as they harmonize better with any environment. So, to carry out the painting, you must first glue the tape in the desired places, forming shapes of your preference, and paint them randomly with the chosen colors, so that the same tone is not too close to each other. It is recommended to use 5 to 6 colors.


They allow the creator or the person who makes it the freedom to create. As mentioned before, they are a line of ropes or strings with the purpose of forming objects or simply suspending a plant. For those who already practice crochet, it will be easier to learn, as the art is similar to crochet. To learn, just have an internet connection and search, the internet is full of content, from how to start to ideas for making.


Another option for those who already have a little more time available and are willing to spend some money is the restoration of furniture, such as armchairs, shelves, desks or nightstands.

Now that you have the ideas, just choose the one you liked the most and put it into practice to make your room even more cozy and with your style.

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