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The best jobs for students and things to consider

When expenses mount and there is some free time, getting a job can be a good way to balance this balance. But the big question that arises is “what are, after all, the best jobs for students?”.

Regardless of the student’s reason for looking for a job, the truth is that working while studying can really help young people to develop social skills, which are extremely important for their personal and professional future.

Although not mandatory, the type of employment that normally best serves the needs of the student population is part-time. Here are our suggestions for best jobs for students and tips for choosing the ideal.

What to consider when choosing

Look primarily for something that values ​​you professionally and not a job just to make money. Working while studying can be a really arduous task, but choosing the right job for you can make all the difference.

The best jobs for college students are those that meet three major requirements:

  • bring added value to your career in some way;
  • those who allow time to study;
  • the ones that give you fun.

Regardless of everything, remember that a good job for those who study will certainly be one that allows them to reconcile at least three aspects:

  • academic performance;
  • your social life;
  • sleep/rest times.


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A good part-time job doesn’t necessarily mean doing something just to make money, regardless of what you like. On the contrary, the internet opens up some excellent job opportunities in many areas and sectors of activity.

Think, for example, like a freelancer and sign up on sites like Fiverr. If you have some talent, create an offer on a global scale and you will see that, even with affordable prices, you can earn some money doing what you like and at the pace that suits you, without having to report to bosses.

If you are good at meeting deadlines and are able to work self-management without supervision, remote work can be an excellent solution for you. Computer programming, content writing, production and post-production of sound and image photography, there are countless possibilities and, without a doubt, remote jobs can be one of the best jobs for students for the freedom they give the worker.

Even so, if you have already researched about the best jobs for students, but you still haven’t found anything that suits you, don’t worry. We made a list of some of the best jobs in times of a pandemic.

It’s sometimes called “college part-time” and it’s easy to see why. On a visit to a call center, it is clear that many of the chairs are occupied by students looking for a job to add “a little change” to their parents’ allowance and, along the way, gain some skills for the future, which will be fundamental for their paths. professionals (such as communication and interpersonal skills, a strong sense of responsibility or leadership skills, for example).

Even with the new situation that the world is currently experiencing, the scenario has not changed. There are numerous companies that continue to strengthen their telemarketing teams so that they can respond to the needs of all customers.

The truth is that more and more companies are looking for students for telephone contact with customers. This is because they generally know how to express themselves well and learn quickly. The offer is wide and varied and the schedules can be combined (with some ease) with studies.

In addition to this, there are already many organizations that are hiring in remote regimewhich means that the student can, from the start, work from home.

Teaching tutoring is also part of the list of the best jobs for students. If you are a good student in a certain area or discipline and have a knack for teaching, then why not choose to give explanations? There are several students looking for this type of service throughout the year.

Advertise your services online and even through some flyers placed in strategic places, set your schedule and start earning money. The best part of it all is that, nowadays, you can choose to give your explanations through various online platforms like Zoom or Skype, for example.

If you like animals and are extremely careful, this could be the ideal job for you.

Currently there are already several people doing it and it is a service that has been a success. When owners don’t have time to walk their dogs freely, they can use this type of service (usually via the internet).

All you need to do is create an ad in which you get to know yourself a little better and show what you have to offer and place it on one of the job platforms available on the internet. If you want, you can also choose to promote your services through your social networks.

Working online and from home, as we have already mentioned, has gained another connotation, especially since the world had to stop.

If there’s a specific area you like that allows you to work remotely, then why not look into it? There are several platforms to promote your online services to potential clients: from Freelancer, Guru, Zaask or Upwork, for example.

Just think about what you really like to do. For example: if you study photography, it would be interesting to create a website with your portfolio so that potential clients can have an immediate idea of ​​your work.

To promote your services, you could also create an ad showing your availability for photo shoots, image editing or even video creation.

Many students choose to work as a promoter where they promote sales, events and brands. This is usually a job that is highly sought after by young people in general, taking into account the flexibility that exists in working hours.

In addition, these temporary jobs are generally well-paid and allow students to focus on their studies by choosing to accept only the jobs that interest them most.

If you are responsible, have a neat presentation, are professional, fluent in languages ​​and have the ability to communicate with others, then this could be a good solution.

Here is another possibility that students can explore. And in many cases they don’t even have to work on school days. The jobs of a catering company are, as a rule, events that take place on weekends (as is the case of weddings, for example).

However, even those that take place during the week (such as company events) are usually scheduled for after work and study hours, which makes this job a good option for students.

You can work as a waiter, cook, butler or bartender, for example.


Work at your own college

Why not start with the university campus you attend? There are always numerous job offers within the faculties themselves, and of course, the students themselves will have primacy when it comes to hiring.

A job in the context of your college can also bring some benefits, such as: you won’t spend on transport costs and it can be a good opportunity to strengthen ties with the community that surrounds you, opening doors to take advantage of the resources in a privileged way. of college.

Just stay informed, and if you don’t have information about publicly available jobs, try to find out in person. Among some of the most requested jobs in faculties, we can find, for example, jobs in academic departments, in the library, providing technical support, providing support in research departments, in the gym, etc.

Studying and working is not easy, but it is not impossible. Just want. In addition, if working hours collide with study hours, you can always apply for student worker status.

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