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The best apps to manage your monthly budget

Need to organize your financial life but don’t know where to start? See the best apps to manage your monthly budget.

When using apps to manage your monthly budget will discover how technology can be an ally of savings. If you already use your cell phone for almost everything, it’s time to turn it into a tool to manage your financial life.

Therefore, if your finances are in need of some discipline, this is the right time to discover these apps.

How to choose an app to manage your monthly budget?

The diversity of apps to manage your monthly budget is huge, so it might not be easy to choose. Reading the reviews to understand what other users say can be the first step to choose, but it shouldn’t be the only one.

The essential thing is that the app meets your financial goals. Do you just want to manage your budget, knowing how much you spend on each type of expense, or do you also want to save? Want investment tips?

Confirm whether the app is free or you will have to pay to use it. It may happen that the same application has a free version, more basic, and another paid version, which allows access to other features. See if it pays off.

Functionality or ease of use is another factor to take into account. Choose something that is intuitive and simple, so you don’t lose motivation. A very sophisticated app or one that requires a lot of time and attention may not be ideal if you just want to manage your monthly budget more efficiently.

Don’t forget about security

Security is another determining factor, especially when bank details and access to your accounts are at stake. Choose apps from safe sources and, when accessing them, take the same precautions as when using the homebanking?? For example, not using public Wi-Fi networks or sharing access data.

8 apps to manage your monthly budget

The list of apps to manage your monthly budget is long and is constantly being updated, but some stand out, either by the number of users or by the good reviews received.

Even so, and as we mentioned, the most important thing is to choose the right application for you. That is, the one that motivates you to save and allows you to manage your budget well.

It is one of the most famous apps to manage your monthly budget. THE mint Its motto is simplicity and the fact that it allows you to have all your accounts organized in one place.

It is possible to synchronize your bank accounts and credit cards, as well as your monthly bills. According to the company, around 30 million users have chosen this application that helps to control expenses and to have an organized (and balanced) financial life.

O boonzi it’s an app made in portugalwhich, in itself, is reason for you to be curious to try it.

It allows you to have expenses, income and all bank accounts centralized in one place, but also to analyze your expenses, in order to better understand your consumption habits. Which, in turn, is key to figuring out where you overspend and where you can cut back.

It gives you access to graphs by category and entity, expenses vs. income or changes in the bank balance.

You Need a Budget is another monthly budget app that has been on the list of best personal finance apps for several years. More than an application, it is practically a financial advisor.

When you receive your salary, the app tells you how much to spend for each category, including expenses, savings and goals. It doesn’t let you spend an amount you can’t spend and encourages you to live only on your real income. A good way to avoid debts with credit cards and personal loans.

THE Goodbudget is a popular and highly rated app that helps you manage your monthly budget using an envelope system. That is, it helps to distribute your salary among the various categories of expenses. That way it’s easier to understand what you spend and where you shouldn’t spend it.

The app also has resources to help the user get out of debt or have the financial capacity to achieve goals such as buying a house or having children.

Among the apps to manage the monthly budget, Toshl Finance is one of the most recommended. In addition to monitoring all accounts and cards, it shows you cash flows, which helps you control expenses more effectively.

It lets you analyze your finances over certain periods of time, so you can figure out where you overspent and correct those mistakes when planning budgets.

THE Money Wise it also uses an envelope system to manage your monthly expenses, tracking your expenses according to categories. The paid version gives you access to reports that make it easier to analyze (and eventually correct) your financial habits.

You can also integrate all your bank accounts into this app available for Android.

The premise of this application is simple: easily identify the main consumption patterns so that you can really save money.

As is common in this type of apps to manage the monthly budget, the monefy It divides expenses into categories and presents graphs that allow you to quickly understand what percentage of your money you spend on each one.

THE Spending Tracker often appears on lists of the best personal finance apps, standing out, according to users, for its simplicity and usability.

Allows you to customize expense categories, including creating categories for recurring expenses, which makes it easier to manage your monthly budget. Graphics are another plus.

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