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The beauty products that went viral on TikTok – and are actually worth the investment

We love browsing beauty products on TikTok, but it’s not always easy to know which ones are worth clicking home. Here are some products that have gone viral on the platform – and received the thumbs up from experts and consumers alike.

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TikTok is the perfect platform to discover new beauty products, from skin care and makeup to hair care and styling tools. We’ve rounded up 35 of the best viral products right now so you can find your new favorite!

Viral beauty products worth their investment

First out is Dyson’s AirWrap, a versatile styling tool that you’ve probably seen flutter by in your feed. Even if it involves a certain investment, the saved believe that it is well worth spending an extra penny on – something that also applies to the other products from the same brand.

Another product that has gone viral on TikTok is the cult cream Lait Creme Concentrate from Embryolisse. This cream can be found in almost every professional make-up artist’s kit because it is the perfect moisturizer to use before applying make-up: it really blends into the skin and makes the make-up last longer. The fact that it’s a real budget favorite that lasts a long time doesn’t hurt either!

We have also included CeraVes affordable products. Experts in skin care believe that there is not a single product from the brand that does not live up to its promise, and it hardly gets any better than that, does it?

Read more about these products—and other viral beauty products that are well worth the hype—below!

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