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The beauty mistakes that make you look older

Did you know that some of your beauty routines can have an aging effect? Here we list ten things that you should avoid if you want to look more youthful – as well as the tricks that will help you look fresher than ever.

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Sure, there’s nothing cooler than aging with dignity, but at the same time, there’s nothing that says we can’t look fresh even in old age. We list ten things that make you look older – and show what you can do instead.

1. You underestimate the importance of good-looking eyebrows

If you are one of those born with amazing eyebrows à la Lily Collins, congratulations! For the rest of us, it may be good to keep in mind that thin eyebrows with a high arch can give an older impression – while a pair of full eyebrows can have the opposite effect.

Not sure where to start? Here we guide you to your perfect eyebrows.

2. You don’t use primer

If you have never tried using primer, we can highly recommend it. Not only does a primer make your base (foundation, concealer and powder) last all day, it also smooths everything from fine lines to pores and dry and uneven areas, thus creating an even surface for your foundation.

3. You don’t take care of your hair

Whether you dye your hair or have embraced your gray hairs, it’s a fact that healthy, well-maintained hair gives a more youthful impression. Try using one hair mask to give your hair extra shine and nourishment, and don’t forget to use heat protection when styling your hair.

4. You apply foundation the wrong way

The most flattering method of applying foundation is using a makeup sponge. Moisten the sponge, squeeze out excess liquid, dip the sponge in your foundation and dab it onto your face for an even, fine result.

5. You’re using the wrong eyeliner

Eyeliner can have an aging effect if not applied lightly, especially under the eye. Opt for an eyeliner with a soft, creamy formula that you apply sparingly along the lash line and then blend out.

6. You don’t use blush

Blush is an easy way to make your face look younger and healthier – but avoid bright colors and glitter. Try a natural color instead, preferably in liquid form.

7. Your hairstyle “weighs down” the face

If you opt out of cropped lengths at the hairdresser’s, it’s time to think again. Straight cut hairstyles can “weight down” the face. Instead, invest in a haircut that creates dimension and volume.

8. Your hair has a cold tone

Cool, dark hair colors bring out gray and ash tones in the complexion, therefore warm hair colors are more flattering as we age. Bright curls can also make us look fresher.

9. You use too many powder-based products

Not only can powder-based make-up products give a “flat” impression, they often settle into fine lines in an unflattering way. Cream-based products, on the other hand, give a youthful impression.

10. Your concealer is too heavy

Since we like to use concealer under the eyes, where many have fine lines, it is extra important to choose a product that does not cake. Opt for a concealer with a light formula. You will find more tips for how to use concealer here.

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