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the basic black t-shirt that goes with almost anything

You know that basic black t-shirt you have in your closet? She is the key to creating beautiful and comfortable looks. See our suggestions.

THE basic black t-shirt It is an essential in any woman’s closet. Yes, anyone who thinks it’s just teenagers or goths is wrong. The black t-shirt is, like the white one, a basic item that will not only save us on busy mornings when we don’t know what to wear, but it will also be the ideal companion to carry in our holiday bag. Regardless of age or style.

After all, with it you can create simple and comfortable looks, as well as more sophisticated outfits for, for example, going to work.

In fact, this piece of clothing is, like any other good basic, extremely versatile. So, if you don’t already have one, it’s important that you choose one that’s well cut and made from a comfortable fabric, like cotton (or organic cotton, if you’re environmentally conscious). You’ll wear it a lot (remember to respect the washing instructions) and you’ll want it to be spotless all the time, right?

So, and because we want you to always look your best, we’ve gathered 6 inspirations on how to wear the basic black t-shirt and rock it.

Basic black t-shirt: 6 looks worth recreating

You know those days when you wake up late and don’t feel like getting out of bed, or getting dressed? An easy formula to achieve a beautiful look is to combine the basic black t-shirt with culottes in another color, beige, white, red, or even denim. Add a necklace and earrings you like and you’ll feel comfortable and full to face the day while visually looking stylish. The best of both worlds, right?

We all know that as much as the fashion industry sentences the end of skinny jeans, they are far from leaving the stage of trends. Comfortable and feminine, they are the perfect choice to wear with a jet-black t-shirt. If you want a casual look, opt for sneakers on your feet, but if you want an elegant and unpretentious result, wear high-heeled boots or sandals.

Girl in black t-shirt and jeans

Want to look beautiful effortlessly? So just wear her favorite pants, a black t-shirt and a well-tailored blazer. The end result is super harmonious and can be either more casual or more sophisticated, depending on what you wear. That is, it is a very versatile way to wear the black t-shirt.

Known for their comfort, jogging pants are always an excellent bet to create cool and very practical looks. So, if you usually make them your best friends, combine them with a black t-shirt and a blazer, a light makeup and that’s it. Fantastic in less than ten minutes.

Whether it’s for holidays or a relaxed job where you can wear whatever you want, there’s no better and easier uniform than patterned shorts and a basic black t-shirt. Gather several necklaces, tie your hair and don’t forget to put on your favorite sandals. You will feel beautiful and fresh at the same time.

If you’re a fan of a more casual, oversized style, you’ll love this inspiration. Just combine a black t-shirt with boyfriend jeans and, on your feet, some high heels for a feminine touch. Perfect for everyday wear (especially for those who don’t want to wear high heels but like to walk comfortably).

As you can see, the basic black t-shirt allows you to create looks in a wide range of styles where the common denominator is always comfort. But if you prefer white t-shirts, we also have several interesting suggestions.

After all, in an era where everyday life is increasingly rushed, we need to feel beautiful while being practical and with freedom of movement, right?

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