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The Bachelorette 2022 – Are Olivia and Adam Still Together?

In the end, it was Adam Edgren who received the last rose from Olivia Birgersson in this year’s round of Bachelorette. But has love continued to blossom? For TV4, the couple talks about how it went when the TV cameras were turned off.

Photo: TV4

The couple is still together, they tell TV4. “We enjoy each other’s company very well, so for us it hasn’t been the whole world to have to stay at home. But both are very social and like to be outside,” says Olivia.

During the time that the show was broadcast, there has been great secrecy for the couple, who have not been allowed to reveal anything about the relationship until after the finale. Now Olivia tells us that they can finally go shopping together and move more freely. The couple have moved in together and Olivia tells TV4 that she is looking forward to a future together with Adam.

We wish you a big congratulations and good luck!

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