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The astrological events that will say goodbye to 2022 and that will change the energy of this end of the year

A saying in soccer, now that it is in fashion for the World Cup in Qatar, says “the last minute also has 60 seconds” and refers to not losing hope because the goal can fall in the last breath of the game. Astrology for December 2022 It is an analogy to this saying by reminding us that in the last month of the year astral events still await us that can change our lives at sunset in 2022.

Write down in your calendar the following December dates, when The universe has interesting things in store for your zodiac sign which will mean a change of energy, which could give you more momentum to start 2023 on the right foot.

December 3 – Neptune direct in Pisces

On Saturday, December 3, Neptune will end its retrograde transit and turn direct in Pisces. This planet governs dreams, illusions, hopes and fantasies; While it was retrograde, it taught us the harsh reality, but now that it will enter directly, we recover our dreams again and we could make them tangible, Bustle reviews in an article.

December 6 – Mercury enters Capricorn

The planet of communication and information will enter the sign of the sea goat on Tuesday, December 6 and it will help us adopt a more practical mindsetHowever, it heralds the Mercury retrograde that will occur later.

December 7 – Last Full Moon of 2022

The Cold Moon in Gemini Wednesday December 7th will be the last full moon of the year. It will be a good time to connect with our social side and have fun in the December festivities. However, there could be some drama because it aligns with Mars retrograde.

December 9 – Venus enters Capricorn

On Friday, December 9, the planet of love and values ​​will also begin its transit through Capricorn, giving the signs of the zodiac a more solid approach in terms of love and money.

December 20 – Jupiter enters Aries

Tuesday December 20 one of the most important changes of the last days of the year is forecast when Jupiter, the planet of fortune and prosperity, begins its transit through the territories of Aries. This portends a fresh start for everyone in the Zodiac.

December 21 – Winter Solstice/Capricorn Season

Wednesday December 21 winter will officially enter after the December solstice occurs. Astrologically, the Sun will begin its transit through Capricorn, an energy that will begin to influence the rest of the zodiac signs.

December 23 – New Moon

On Friday, December 23, one day before Christmas Eve, the New Moon will rise in the sky in Capricorn; the universe will offer us the last opportunity of the year to manifest our intentions.

December 23 – Chiron ends its retrograde transit

The asteroid Chiron is known as the healer, its retrogrades encourage us to process old wounds and face the most painful, however, when it is direct we will be stronger to embrace our inner healing.

December 29 – Mercury retrograde begins

The fourth and last Mercury retrograde of the year It will arrive on Thursday, December 29 in the practical sign of Capricorn. There could be confusion in things associated with career and financial matters. It will end until January 18, 2023.

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