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The asteroid Chiron will be retrograde for 5 months: how it will affect your zodiac sign

Asteroid Chiron, which in astrology represents our deepest wounds, will turn retrograde in Aries from July 19 to December 23so 5 intense months await us where he will be forcing us to confront what is inside us.

Retrogrades are periods of time when the planets appear to move in reverse, seen from Earth’s perspective, and major asteroids also adopt this curious reverse phenomenon.

Chiron acquired its name in honor of the centaur of Greek mythology (in astronomy centaurs are celestial bodies classified as half comets and half asteroids) known to be a great healer, but when he was injured he could not heal himself. Similarly, in us it represents weaknesses, traumas and wounds that we are destined to carry in our lives.

When it is retrograde, it activates these hidden wounds and pushes us to find ways to heal.astrologers Alexandria Lettman and Lisa Stardust explain to Well+Good, so we enter a journey of insecurities that prevents us from fully accepting who we are.

asteroid chiron
The astroid Chiron in astrology is represented with the symbol of a key. Photo: Shutterstock

However, it is the ideal period to be more understanding with our weaknesses and the way they influence us. Next, we tell you how it will affect your zodiac sign.

You can encourage him to reflect on any recent experiences that affected his confidence and made him doubt his potential. It is a good time to meditate and focus on his needs, the astrologers commented.

During this time, relationships with people from the past that affected you may take center stage. The emotional issues that remained pending ask to be addressed. It’s an opportunity to move on without ignoring how you feel in the process.

You could feel insecurities in your social environment. His internal wounds try to convince him that he can’t trust people. He may have a harder time relaxing. While he shouldn’t be too quick to trust others, he should be more receptive, the experts recommended.

He will doubt his professional goals and aptitudes due to insecurities that he has been dragging since childhood. You will have to analyze if these issues are really justified or just fears of failure.

You may face some moments of confusion mainly when you are forced to reconsider old ways of thinking. While there’s nothing wrong with changing your mind, his ego might get to him, he just has to remember that a new perspective can make him wiser.

Emotional traumas related to sex and taboos will be the theme of this retrograde. Instead of thinking, you should allow yourself to feel in order to get clarity on what you want, the astrologers recommended.

Your relationships could be unbalanced during this transit that will force you to position yourself in a more balanced point. The insecurities of sharing his feelings with your partner or pigeonholing yourself into pleasing the needs of others have an origin and Chiron’s retrograde is the perfect opportunity to discover it.

Negative lifestyle patterns that cause poor well-being will begin to come to light. According to astrologers, now will be the time to impose limits to take better care of your health.

You may discover that you have been depriving yourself of some pleasures by attending to the needs of others. He should not feel compelled to help others, instead he will have to attend to his own wishes first.

A generational or childhood trauma may resurface during this retrograde. You will need to focus on healing these emotional wounds by listening to what your inner child has to say.

Chiron retrograde will have you exploring why you hold back from speaking your mind. Perhaps for fear of being judged or internal insecurities. Astrologers remember that it is important that the people he cares about listen to what he has to say.

This is the right time to put your relationship with the material realm in the background and prioritize your identity or spirituality. This means that you will need to assess how you measure your worth as a person.

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