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The arrival of Diego Cocca to the Mexican National Team: between detractors and supporters of a project that seeks to straighten the course of the Tri

The Argentine Diego Cocca was announced as the new coach of Mexico on Friday, February 10., thus putting an end to a wave of rumors that included several candidates to sit on the Tri bench. The new coach is backed by his results in Atlas, a team in which he won a historic two-time championship.

However, not everything has been rosy for the Argentine since his arrival, as many have spoken out against the technical director and others who do not even trust his qualities to carry out the project since they blame him for betting on a defensive game that will not lead the Mexican National Team to anything.

However, the decision has been made and all that remains is to wait for the results and the proper functioning of a team that hopes to reinvent itself after the failure in the Qatar 2022 World Cup and that seeks a closer rapprochement; Despite not being Mexican, Diego Cocca is very well connected to Liga MX and has the scrolls to straighten the course.

The detractors of Diego Cocca

There are authorized voices within Mexican football that have turned their backs on Diego Cocca’s project, this despite the fact that he has not even started yet. The first of them is the recognized Adolfo Bofo Bautista, the controversial ex-soccer player described the arrival of the Argentine to Tri as a “Garbage Project”. He has also criticized the possibility that there are nationalized soccer players, such as the alleged case of Julián Quiñones.

Alberto García Aspe, a historian of the Tri, described the arrival of Cocca as a “misfortune”, this because of the ways in which the former coach of Defense and Justice, Atlas and Tigres came to the national team. In the same way, he described the coach as defensive, a style that he believes will be detrimental to Mexico.

For his part, the renowned Ricardo Lavolpe was also dissatisfied and assured that from the Mexican Football Federation they only chose the coach that was in fashionthus criticizing the criteria of the election.

Supporters of Diego Cocca

Yon De Luisa stated before Cocca’s choice that the coach would be a title-winning man and that he knew Aztec football, given that reality, the Argentine seems to have those characteristics, which is why other heavyweights in Mexican soccer have shown their support and expect the best results at the helm of the team.

the uruguayan Guillermo Almada was the one who came closest to the position of DT del Tri, and he showed without any kind of rancor his admiration for Cocca, applauding the decision and wishing the best results facing a new process of the national team.

On the other hand, from the Águilas del América they wished the greatest success to Cocca and Tano Ortiz, countryman again selector of the Tri He did not hesitate to affirm that he will be successful in his new responsibility.

In this way Diego Cocca will face his new challenge, between supporters and detractors but with the purpose of straightening the course of the Mexican National Team in the face of the 2026 World Cup process.

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