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The Apollo Method manages to reduce 90 Kg less

Carlos spent a long time trying to lose weight through diets and other techniques, but the results only lasted for a short time. At the end of 2020 he came to Obymed telling us about his case, so we got down to work to achieve the definitive solution. First we advised him that the most suitable technique for him was the apollo method because it has a low risk of complications as it is minimally invasive, in addition to allowing the definitive reduction of the stomach’s capacity in a safe and effective way.

Finally, he decided on this technique and began the whole process to have a new life full of health. One year after his intervention, we want to share his results and experience at Obymed.

1. Have you been overweight for a long time?

Overweight since the age of 18 approximately.

2. How did you decide to end the problem?

I realized that I was not living because of my weight and after much trying with diets and others I decided to have surgery.

3. Had you previously resorted to another type of treatment to lose weight?

Well, only diets both with nutritionists and without them that gave a short-term result, but in the end I relapsed again, not being aware that what I had to do was change my eating habits.

4. How did you discover the technique? Did you know anyone else who had used this technique?

The technique I decided on was the Apollo Method. I did not know anyone who had done this technique, but it was the one that seemed less risky to me, since I was close to 195kg. After researching, I found a website of José Luis Mora, who had also undergone surgery and recounted his experience, and I decided to bet on changing my life.

5. How was the intervention?

The perfect intervention in just over an hour I left the operating room and in 24 hours I was home.

6. And from there, how was the whole process?

Well, taking into account my previous pathologies, I’m not going to say that everything was rosy, but I do have to look at the overall process, follow-up and, ultimately, the results have been more than satisfactory.

7. Are you satisfied with the results? How many kilos have you lost?

I am very satisfied with the results, I entered the operating room with 195kg and I am currently at 106kg.

8. In addition to weight loss, what other changes has the treatment brought about in your general state of health/quality of life?

It has been a radical change, from not being able to do practically anything outside my home to traveling, playing sports, enjoying my social environment, in short, going back to living like I couldn’t for years.

9. In short, what is the overall assessment of the treatment?

The assessment is 10, both in the treatment before the operation, explaining each step of it, the operation and, above all, the subsequent follow-up, re-educating both mentally and nutritionally, makes it very very difficult for them to forget their names and stop thanking each and every one of those who make up Obymed, from the reception staff to the last doctor.

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