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The anthem of the protests in Iran won a Grammy

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A song first posted to Instagram last year quickly became a viral anthem in support of protests in Iran, garnering a Grammy award at the 2023 ceremony.

Baraye”this is the name of this melody, by the Iranian pop singer Shervin Hajipour, who was arrested during the protests, which won the award for Best Song for Social Change.

This is a new category of the Grammys overseen by a top notch committee.

After Hajipour first posted to Baraye in Instagram, the song was viewed more than 40 million times in less than two days, according to the Grammys.

“We won”, was the first impression in a concise way by Shervin Hajipour on his Twitter account, which has more than 300,000 followers.

At the time of releasing the song, this artist was an almost unknown 25-year-old musician, and his greatest achievement had been reaching the final of a music contest on television in his country.

But when he wrote “Baraye”, everything changed. It was made up of tweets posted by Iranians about the September death of Amini, after she was arrested for not wearing the Islamic headscarf properly.

This fact unleashed a wave of unprecedented protests in the nation. The song first went viral on Instagram two days after it was posted.

“For dancing in the streets”, “for fear of a kiss from my lover in the street”, “for political prisoners”, “for the shame of empty pockets” or “for the desire for a normal life”, They are part of the phrases that the song has, which spins reasons to protest.

Its chorus repeats a simple but direct message: “woman, life, freedom”, the slogan of the protests that have called for the end of the Islamic Republic.

For publishing the song, the singer was accused by the justice authorities of his country of propaganda against the Government and incitement to violence, and was released on bail in early October, the date since he has decided to remain silent. Until the publication of the mentioned tweet celebrating the obtaining of the Grammy.

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