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The alternative to TweetDeck now that the app has said goodbye to Mac • ENTER.CO

The TweetDeck app said goodbye to Mac last Friday, July 1. The platform had not only stopped supporting its app for macOS, but had also announced its decision, ensuring that the measure will allow efforts to be concentrated on improving the tool in general. This means that Mac users who used to use TweetDeck from the app, they can continue to access the service, but from their web browser.

TweetDeck is a tool that makes the work of those who usually manage Twitter communities easier, since it allows, in addition to managing several accounts simultaneously, access to multiple functions of the social network in a single interface. However, if you are a Mac user and used the TweetDeck app because you preferred it over the web version, we recommend some alternative apps that you can continue working with without missing it.

Tweeten: the app with which you can replace TweetDeck

Tweeten is practically TweetDeck. Developed in San Francisco, since its creation it has aimed to enhance the services offered by TweetDeck to compete for being the best Twitter desktop client.

And it is that like TweetDeck, Tweeten allows its users to carry out actions such as writing and publishing tweets directly from the app, as well as creating columns of all kinds to better organize and visualize the content, trends and interactions in one place.

However, there are some differences between the two apps that could tip the balance more in favor of Tweeten than the defunct TweetDeck app, such as the personalized notifications offered by the former, or the ability to tweet and retweet from said apps. alerts without accessing the application.

The Tweeten app is also free and available for download on Mac and Windows, and can even be used as a Chrome extension.

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