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The advantages of wardrobe with sliding doors

O closet it is considered one of the most important pieces of furniture in the bedroom. It favors organization and also stands out in the aesthetics of the environment.

Wardrobe with sliding doors is the solution for small rooms. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

The choice of wardrobe

Different factors need to be taken into account when choose a wardrobesuch as the available space, the budget, the amount of things the resident wants to store in the furniture.

Cabinets are distinguished with regard to material, shape, color, size, number of drawers and number of doors. When buying a model, a person needs to take into account his lifestyle and the size of his room.

One of the biggest obstacles when buy a wardrobe is to find a piece of furniture consistent with the proportions of the room. Usually the environment is too small to be occupied by a large piece of furniture.

When the wardrobe takes up more space than it should, it ends up compromising the movement of residents. It also gets in the way of other furniture that is important for the bedroom arrangement, such as the bed and the nightstand.

A type of furniture that recognizes the needs of modern life is the wardrobe with sliding doors🇧🇷

Check out the main benefits of including a wardrobe with sliding doors in the decoration of the room:

Ideal for small environments

Wardrobe with sliding door is the best solution for bedroom with limited dimensions. The main advantage of the furniture is that it does not need space to open the doors, leaving an area of ​​40 to 60 cm free.

The space gain in the environment becomes even greater when the wardrobe doors have external mirrors, after all, they favor the feeling of spaciousness.

Sliding doors facilitate the movement of residents. (Photo: Disclosure)

Adds more space to the circulation area

In order for a person to move around an environment with peace of mind, they need to have a circulation area of ​​at least 1 meter. Without the need for space to open the doors, the wardrobe does not become an obstacle in the environment.

aesthetic gain

The wardrobe with sliding doors has a more beautiful look, which is usually consistent with modern decor.

More practicality

Sliding doors run horizontally on rails. This system makes the task of opening and closing the wardrobe much more practical.

The wardrobe with sliding doors stands out with its modern design. (Photo: Disclosure)

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