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the advantages of having an online invoicing program

If you own your own business, are part of the management of a small or medium-sized company, or if you are an independent professional, you are well aware of the need to use safe, effective and certified tools to handle invoicing.

O facturalusa is an online invoicing program certified by the Tax Authority (AT) that fulfills all the tasks associated with managing invoices, being safe and simple to use. Like this software ensures that the entire process related to your invoices runs quickly and efficiently.

But first, let’s understand why choose one software invoicing online can make a difference.

Online vs offline billing software

There are good reasons to bet on invoice management through cloudcompared to traditional models of offline software. The first of these is convenience, as having your billing documents stored in the cloud allows easy access and therefore makes the process more flexible.

so with software online, you can access your documents and billing tools from anywhere and at any time – all you need is a mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop) connected to the internet.

The flexibility and availability to access your invoices is one of the main advantages of these software management, as opposed to programs offline which assume limited use and a license for each computer.

But the advantages of using a software online to carry out your billing tasks do not end there.

Advantages of having an online billing software

nowadays the software online have a cost, which can be monthly or annual, but some, like facturalusa offer an extended period of free use. The cost associated with the service covers all licenses, updates and, in addition, any problem is resolved in an instant, without the need for a technician to travel.

already the software offline are, as a rule, sold for a high price and charge for updates and problem solving – it should be noted that any displacement requires waiting time and this, basically, means a period without billing.

All you need is access to an internet service so that you can manage your invoices without any inconvenience – even from mobile devices. However, if you have a software offline, the fluidity of the processes will depend on the equipment you are using and you will always have to have the updated version of the system.

If, for example, you are working on managing invoices from an older computer, it is very likely that you will encounter problems – which often require extra payments to be resolved.

It is much safer to opt for online management of billing documents. And the reason is simple: the possibility of losing documents and data stored online is remote.

In the case of having storage on local computers, carrying out backups is fundamental, and when not carried out assiduously, a lot of information can simply disappear.

In addition, mechanisms dedicated to online security ensure the integrity of documents stored in the cloudso it is almost impossible for them to be shared without proper authorization.


Hassle-free upgrades

The update mode software Online invoicing is automatic, always following the requirements legally imposed by the Tax Authority.

Facturalusa: online invoices in a simplified way

Facturalusa is certified by AT and designed to be the ideal management tool for all micro, small and medium-sized companies in Portugal, whether service companies or online stores, and is also an excellent choice for independent professionals.

It works in line with the rules of the Tax Authority, regarding QRCode, ATCUD, Digital Signatures, among others.

Facturalusa: invoices at the speed of two clicks

If you have opened an independent activity or a new company, or you want to change your billing program, Facturalusa is an option that simplifies and improves the speed of issuing documents. It is AT-certified, robust and user-friendly, and is particularly easy to access and use.

plans and prices

Facturalusa brings together an offer made up of several plans and, of course, we highlight the Free Plancreated to collaborate with all startups and companies that are equating the change of software – it is free during the first year of use, up to 50 thousand euros of turnover.

In all plans, you have unlimited access to modules and functionalities, with complete transparency for the consumer.

Emphasis: in any type of loyalty or contract, Facturalusa works through monthly or annual payments, that is, you pay as you use your billing program.

main features

Facturalusa users can access the following features:

  • Automated sending of emails and SMS;
  • Non-payment reminders;
  • Stocks;
  • Covenants;
  • MB References;
  • More than 30 reports in PDF and Excel.

In the case of covenants, it allows parameterizing the periodicity and the document to be issued, the payment method to be defined in all invoices, acting as a kind of automatic pilot for recurring invoicing.

If, for example, a payment by Multibanco reference is configured in an agreement, Facturalusa does all the work alone: ​​it issues the invoice within the defined period, sends emails, receives payments, issues the payment receipt and so on, throughout the duration of the lease.

All communication on Facturalusa can be done in Portuguese or English.

mobile apps

For users who prioritize the aspect mobileFacturalusa is also available on the AppStore and GooglePlay, for iOS It is android.

The Facturalusa apps support street billing, being essential for commercials, freelancers or any companies that want a mobile alternative when faced with the need to issue an invoice outside the office.

Additionally, pairing a printer bluetoothit is also possible to print invoices on paper on the spot, both on A4-size printers and in POS receipt format.

Digital Business – API

Also betting on more digital businesses such as online storesand including any other line of business, Facturalusa provides a robust API for all plans, including the Free Plan, at no additional cost.

Try Facturalusa through the demo

Get to know the software better and the advantages of using it in this demo.

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