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The 92-year-old has miraculously young skin – has been using budget cream for 70 years

A 92-year-old woman has become something of a TikTok sensation after she revealed what cream she uses for her unusually beautiful skin – and it costs 19 kroner!

Photo: Instagram @joansumner

It is safe to say that the British Joan Woodhouse has won the genetic lottery: at her mature age, she has a surprisingly beautiful complexion, which means that she is constantly mistaken for much younger than her 92 years.

“Used it for many, many years”

It was a TikTok video filmed by Joan’s grandson that first brought her to attention for her amazing complexion. In the clip, Joan tells us that she was born on September 6, 1930 and was eight years old when World War II began.

“You look so good for your age, everyone wants to know what you use for skin care,” her grandson says in the video.

“After the war, when I was about sixteen years old, had Nivea cream just came out,” says Joan. “My friend came to my house and said, ‘This cream just came out, Joan. Try it, it’s great. So I’ve been using Nivea cream for many, many years.”

Joan adds that friends and acquaintances have started using the budget favorite thanks to her:

“Now I think everyone I know uses Nivea cream for they evidently believe it will do them good too.”

The clip with Joan today has a whopping 1.7 views on TikTok – check it out below!

@joansumner1930 Update on Grandma Joan #nivea #grandma ♬ original sound – Joan Woodhouse

Source: The Sun

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