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The 80s? What’s the fashion trend for 2023?

The 1980s marked world culture in many ways. For it was a period of transition in relation to many aspects of history. Thus, it is always in reference in some sector. For example, in series like Stranger Things.

In 2023, the 80s was present at Haute Couture Week in Paris. In other words, at the most important event in fashion, which defines the trends for the coming seasons.

The colors, cuts and all the extravagance of the decade that introduced Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to the world won over Paris. When the main names in world fashion honor this important moment in history.

Haute Couture Week in Paris

The haute couture week welcomes the best in fashion in the world. That is, the collections presented are exclusive. And who defines what can be cataloged is the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion. All from strict criteria.

This means that the term haute couture is a trademark. Thus, only stylists and companies in the fashion world can use the term. Following this precept, Paris welcomes the best and renowned sewing artists to show their work.


To participate in Haute Couture Week, you must meet certain requirements. There are 3 ways to do this. That is, to be a recognized name it is necessary to be a permanent member. That is, one who fulfills all the conditions for membership.

But other forms, such as members who do not have headquarters in Paris, but can be members. Another way is to be invited by the academy. So it’s a very restricted world. That’s why it’s top notch.

80s and its main characteristics

The 80s of the last century were decisive in history. For society took new directions and reorganized itself from that moment on. For this reason, it is a period that is always revisited. That is, it is a time of reference in any sector of culture.

The main mark of this period is the implementation of values ​​charged in other decades, that is, freedom, independence as well as expressive art. Capable of portraying the real world and people’s feelings.

Therefore, to speak of the 80s is to bring color and extravagance. Including everything very exaggerated. This was the first step of the changes that would come later, when the digital world arrived.

The 1980s are the height of human ability to express themselves. Thus, artists retake this time in their creations. Haute Couture week in Paris was no different. For the most nostalgic, it even went so far as to imagine “Back to the future”.

Haute Couture Week and the 80s

This year, the Haute Couture summer week was remarkable in several ways. Especially for the return after the covid-19 pandemic. Considering that the presence of the public gives it an extra glamour.

Another factor is presentations. Mostly from the most anticipated collections. And in 2023, stylists didn’t skimp on creativity. In addition, the 80s reappear in trends for the coming seasons.

The great expectation is around the most renowned collections such as: Viktor & Rolf, Alexandre Vauthier, Valentino, as well as other big names. It is an immersive experience. Fashion artists provide a journey between reality and illusion.

Top collections

See the best that walked the catwalk during Haute Couture Week.

80s and haute couture.

Schiaparelli and the Mangoes of the 80s

its collection privileges the classic. In addition, he opted for cleaner and more harmonic colors. The 80s were present on the shoulder pads. But what made an impact were the synthetic animal heads.

Armani Privé

Armani brought color to the runway. This made the collection light and cheerful. His show provided a contrast between the past and the modern. It even brought the classic presence of the circus in rounded collars like Pierrot’s.

Viktor & Rolf

It was a collection that provided a journey through time, imprinted a classic language. In addition, it brought reference to the great European parties. The great highlight was the presence of great models. So the fit was perfect.

robert wun

The best of this collection was in charge of creativity. The stylist taught how to do sustainable work. With a small budget, the collection delivered its message. Even the brand showed what it came from.


Without straying from her style, Chanel came in to demarcate her territory. Thus, she knew how to please the majority without much effort. The focus was on trends such as flat boots. Style that will be the protagonist in the coming seasons.

Elie Saab

It gave the event a pleasant atmosphere. It brought soft colors and a bet on flowers. It was like having tea in a flower garden in the afternoon. Another highlight was the embroidery that appeared in the correct size. Perfect!

Valentino embarked on the 80s

Many colors amidst accessories such as lace, in addition to striking covers set the tone for this presentation. Along with the ’80s revival, the designer brought tailoring into the conversation. Valentino brought the party and the spectacle to the runway.

Fashion and History

All art tends to tell a story. haute couture is no different. Yeah, it’s not enough to simply invent and sew an outfit. But it is necessary to grasp the psychological environment of the moment.

Sewing is creating the identity for those who use the piece. Each outfit has a meaning. Therefore, to revisit the 80s in the form of seasonal collections is to give new meaning to history.

The world went through a great tragedy that was the pandemic. So every person and every structure of society is under reconstruction. And to remake itself, it is necessary to go back to its origins. This is how Haute Couture Week delivered its message.

The 80s.

80s rebuilding contemporary culture

If there’s one thing about the 1980s, it’s instinct. All the potential for change dreamed of before, the coca-cola generation made it happen. It was not enough to talk about freedom, you have to be free.

In Haute Couture week in Paris, the 80s set the tone for trends, which means that we are not going back to the past, but in fact rescuing the impetus that motivated many to change history. As is the current moment, transformation is the word.

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