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The 7 colors you should use if you want to attract love, according to an astrologer

By using the magic of color and wearing specific shades you could attract the exact energy you want in your life, for example, manifest loverevealed an astrologer. This is very similar to the popular New Year’s ritual that consists of wearing a certain color of underwear associated with our main purposes, with the difference that we don’t have to wait until December 31st.

Enough with establish our romantic intention and incorporate one of the 7 colors in our outfit to attract the goal of love that we want, explained the renowned astrologer Lisa Stardust in an article written for InStyle.

He explained that some colors are more appropriate when looking for a partner, others when we want to strengthen or deepen the relationship; he depends on what we want to achieve the most suitable tone and he explained it as follows:


It is the color that vibrates with desire, it represents confidence and sexual energy, so we should use it when we want passion and lust. “It is considered a powerful color, which means that you should use it to manifest and establish intentions in love because it will help you make your dreams come true,” said the astrologer.


It embodies positivism, so it is the ideal color on a first date or when you want to enhance your flirting. “Pink will accentuate the optimism and innate goodness that comes from experiencing the beginning stages of romance,” she said.


This color has the vibrational frequency of joy, the astrologer recommended using it when you want your relationship to transcend over time. In addition, it will stimulate fun moments with your partner, so it is ideal to use it on upcoming dates.


Blue symbolizes trust, an important pillar for maintain a stable and honest relationship. In addition, it represents unconditional love and since it is associated with the throat chakra “it invites us to speak our truth when it comes to romantic matters, as long as it comes from the heart,” Stardust explained.


The color Purple invites us to take risks when it comes to loveeven when there are obstacles in the way. If you want to open your heart to a person and be brave to express your feelings, this shade is the one for you.


This color brings positive vibrations of love because it is associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love. It encourages us to recognize the good in other peopleso it is recommended to use it when you want to promote a relaxed and mutually supportive environment with your partner.

brown or chocolate

These colors are associated with the earth element so they represent trust and honesty. Use it when you want to build a stable relationship, however, the astrologer does not recommend using it if your heart is weak, since it is only for those who are looking for their life partner.

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