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The 7 2-Euro Coins that we could have in our portfolio and that are sold on the Internet for thousands of euros

The change from the euro to the peseta meant a readjustment in the Spanish economy that gave value to the new currency without preventing some pesetas from showing up in the purses.

The truth is every coin has its valuebut there are some that surpass it for the meaning and what they represent.

The 7 most sought after coins

1- Malta, 2011

The value of this coin is highly symbolic for the citizens of Malta as it commemorates the country’s first elections in 1849. 430,000 copies were made that today circulate around the world and its value is 20 euros.

2- Spain, 2009


This coin was also created with the purpose of commemorating the anniversary of the Economic and Monetary Union. for this coin up to 60 euros have been paidbut depending on the edition and the year it can reach up to 140.

3- Slovenia, 2007


Only 40,000 copies of this coin were produced in Slovenia and has a value of 40 euros in the market. This coin reflects the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, and continues to travel around the world.

4- Cyprus, 2008


‘The Pomos Idol’ is the protagonist of this Cypriot coin, a copy of which there are only 90,000 copies and there is no fixed price for which it can be sold. In the market, the most expensive ranges from 200 euros.

5- San Marino, 2004


This State also adopted the euro as its currency and released this edition in 2004. With a price of 190 eurosthe coin intends to honor the historian Bartolomeo Borghesi, an Italian antique dealer who excelled in numismatics.

6- Monaco, 2007


The different platforms where these coins are bought or auctioned, They put their maximum price at almost 3,000 euros. It is a coin with a very special reason because the face of Grace Kelly appears on it.

7- Vatican, 2005


The circulation of this coin reached 100,000 copies and commemorates the Youth Day that was held in Cologne. Its price is close to 300 euros although all value may vary.

Don’t take long to look in your wallet for any of these coins in case you can sell them to take advantage of them. If you find it too you can keep them like the great collectors or pay something and continue with your normal life.

Have you ever found any of these coins? Do you think the prices paid for collecting them are excessive?

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