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The 5 zodiac women who look sexiest in summer 2022

A very sexy summer will have 5 women of the zodiac Well, according to astrological predictions, the stars benefit them with a sensual energy that makes them completely irresistible. For this reason, they are likely to be very involved in romantic dates and attract more attention on their social networks than usual, so it is likely that they will live unforgettable experiences.

Since the ascendant reveals how people project themselves to others, it regulates first impressions as well as physical traits, women who have any of the following signs as ascendant have extra points in their levels of attraction.

Here we tell you, according to predictions of astrologers from AskAstrology.com, who are the signs that look sexiest in summer 2022.

Women with Sun Sign and Aries Rising will have the best summer ever. The stars are illuminating their sensual life, they will interact with very attractive people where they will find someone to connect with. August will be a month especially moved in privacyso you will have a lot of emotions in your love life.

Sagittarius Rising Sun Sign women are in for a lot of attention in the coming weeks. Planetary movements touch your sensual fibers, so your love life will become very intense from mid-July. They are likely to find some long-term prospect.

The best time for Pisces women or Pisces Ascendants will be the end of July and the beginning of August. Their sensuality will be at its peak, so casual dates and fun should be expected.. As a romantic sign they are not very open to one-night stands, but this summer is the opportunity to open up to new experiences.

If your sign is Capricorn or you have it as an ascendant, you will notice an important change in your social life. The sensual shine that the stars place on you attracts fun, dates and casual encounters. You must be attentive to the last weeks of summer, there will be many opportunitiesaccording to the predictions.

Women with a Gemini Sun Sign or Rising Sign can expect many social invitations. Garden, pool or beach parties will be on her agenda because there will be those who want to delight in her sensual energy. It is likely that this summer your circle of friends will grow, so the fun will be guaranteed. On the other hand, they will be presented with the opportunity to choose their friends wisely, and they will want to spend the end of the season with those who really matter to them.

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