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The 5 zodiac signs that last the longest in a relationship

Astrology can reveal many characteristics about our love life, for example, with what type of people we are most compatible, but beyond this cosmic connection, it also tells us which zodiac signs are the ones that tend to last the longest in a relationshipregardless of their astral compatibility.

This is because some signs have more independent characteristics and prefer solitude, while others are more prone to compromises and collaborations so they like the company, explained to Bustle the expert in spiritual and astral knowledge Jill Wintersteen.

If your sign values ​​freedom a lot, it is not hard for you to lead yourself through life alone and you do not need company to feel full. These signs have leadership and a strong sense of independence, such as Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

In contrast, there are the other signs that they want to share with someone the beautiful experiences of life, they are more traditional and consistent. That is why they tend to last longer in their love relationships. According to Wintersteen, the signs to which we refer are:

As a fixed sign of the zodiac, Taurus resists change. She tends to get involved in strong and long-lasting relationships, however, she doesn’t date just anyone; you need first to feel that your interests are the same. In addition, it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so they are excellent life partners, the astrologer highlighted.

Cancer people, being governed by the Moon, the ruling planet of emotions, They don’t waste energy on relationships that have no future.. For this reason, they only pair up with those who feel emotional security and prioritize family or home above all else; this indicates that he is the right partner because in the future, Cancer will become his priority.

Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by Venus which means that love relationships are important in your life. This sign is very infatuated and does not know how to be alone, therefore, it does what is necessary to keep the romance alive, consequently, their relationships tend to last a long time.

It is a fixed sign of the Zodiac which means that when they commit, they do it without hesitation. Scorpio does not trust anyone, if they win her heart they endure the ups and downs of a relationshipThey are tenacious and loyal, so they can even keep hope even after the romance has ended, as long as it has not been because of betrayal.

When you make your relationship your goal, you form a connection so strong that it can end in marriage. Capricorn is one of the most traditional signs of the Zodiac.he is not the type to rush to make decisions, if he goes out with you, it is because he sees that there is a plausible future together.

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