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The 5 zodiac signs that can secretly love you

The most reserved signs of the zodiac usually hide their feelings, so when they are in love they will never let that person know.. They prefer to love her secretly because they are afraid of being rejected and likely to miss out on valuable opportunities.

According to astrology, there are zodiac signs that are more likely to be secretive. In some cases this characteristic is a quality, for example, in friendship they are reliable, discreet and will never reveal your intimacies and in the workplace they will never put at risk the information reserved by the company.

In other cases it can play against you, especially when it comes to love. Not expressing their emotions causes the other person to never know and if they have the same feeling, they will not connect. This is when it suits them to be more risky and let their hearts speak for them. Based on an article from Romper.com, we tell you which zodiac signs may secretly love you.

Scorpios are very adept at keeping what they really feel hidden. They trust few people, which is a problem in love. If they are in love, they do not act differently, in fact, they isolate themselves to prevent that feeling from growing. When they can’t hide it anymore, they’ll be suspicious and curious, but they’ll never reveal it until they’re sure the other person feels the same way.

When it comes to feelings, Aquarius is especially reserved. By prioritizing logic, they stop their emotional impulses. If they are in love they can be more attentive, however, they will not recognize it for fear of being rejected.

He is secretive and hidden because he thinks that there is no need for everyone to know what he feels or thinks. They are self-confident, so if someone moves their rug they will try hard to be noticed, but they will never openly express that they are crazy about her.

Although Gemini is the most communicative sign of the zodiac and even the most indiscreet, when it comes to love it is very reserved. Between his talks and jokes he hides many feelings that have not been expressedmaking him one of the most difficult people to read.

As a water sign, you are very sensitive. Although he moves with his heart, when he is in love he has a very strange way of acting. He isolates himself and seems melancholy because he considers that person might not be within his reach. He will keep the secret until he sees the indicated signs.

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