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The 5 zodiac signs that can break your heart this year

Most of the people want to build a love story full of romance, fidelity and loyalty, but not everyone has the fortune of a happy ending. How to be prepared in case of heartbreak? While every relationship is different, astrology can be a guide to what to expect from your zodiac signs.

According to predictions this year, there are 5 signs that are more likely to become the heartthrobs of the zodiac. Although it is not a written rule, the planetary energy that will accompany them this year will not fit with long-term romantic plans, so they could leave you at any moment.

The worst of all is that They won’t have the heart to tell you softly. They will do it without fear or remorse, so if you see the following red flags in these signs you better prepare for a nasty surprise.

At first he will fall in love with you as much as you do with him, but his heart will not have the patience to endure the typical problems of a relationship. In his defense, this sign has no plans to leave singlehood, he just wants to have fun and he will tell you without fear of hurting you.

Capricorn worked hard last year and will begin to see the fruits of his efforts this 2023. This means that he does not have his head in love and will not touch his heart to tell you coldly. It is possible that he will tell you that you are not in his plans now, and despite the fact that he himself has doubts, he will not change his career for a partner.

In this year he wants to live everything he couldn’t this year, so his heart will fall in love so fast that he won’t give himself time to think about the consequences. And it is that she will want to jump from relationship to relationship and could leave things unfinished with you. When you least realize it, it is possible that he is in the arms of another person; the consolation is that you’re not the only one whose heart will break.

If Virgos are sure of one thing this year, it is that they are not ready to endure the drama of a sentimental couple. This earth sign can get away from overly emotional couples this year, so to win him over you have to be patient and give him his space, otherwise he won’t hesitate to break your heart.

Single Leos won’t be ready to admit what they feel in their hearts. Despite being more hurt than you, they will decide to leave you because they do not want to give themselves the opportunity to experience love openly.

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