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The 5 zodiac signs that are free-spirited, according to astrologers

A carefree attitude to life that goes where the wind blows and always ready for an adventure may have an astrological explanation. In the horoscope there are signs of the zodiac that are free-spiritedthat is, they can be working in the city now and tomorrow dawn in a paradisiacal place.

astrology tells us how the energy of the planets and their transits influence our characterIn this sense, it can reveal why there are people who seem not to feel anxious to fulfill their responsibilities. If you know someone or you yourself consider yourself free-spirited it is likely that your sign is one of the following or they are somewhere in your birth chart.

The most independent sign of the zodiac, both in thought and in person, is Aquarius. It represents innovation, a trait that arises from Uranus, its ruling planet, which is why it always is open to changes and breaking established rules.

“Aquarius really do live life on their own terms and don’t tend to worry about what other people think,” say astrologers in a review for Best Life Online, which is why feeling free tops their list of priorities.

this sign He goes where his heart tells him, as it is ruled by the Sun, puts its needs and happiness before others. They won’t apologize for living their life the way they want, no matter the consequences. “The freedom of others is the secret battle cry in their heads” stressed the astrologers.

Ruled by Neptune, planet of fantasies, dreams and the spiritual, it is imaginative which helps Pisces to think freely. It is a sign that he likes living experiences more than buying material things, so he accepts the adventures that the universe places in his way. “They are sensitive, but they do not carry a lot of load in their lives and they do the things that make them happy,” the experts noted.

It’s a sign spontaneous, social and curious. When these 3 characteristics are synchronized, it becomes one of the signs of the most free spirit. You like changes, so you can be flexible with your plans and take unexpected paths.

“Their adventurous nature and curiosity make this sign live its best life on its own terms,” ​​detailed the astrologers, who said that Gemini is a sign that gets carried away easily.

He’s a thrill seeker keep your mind open to any adventure, however small. Sagittarius thrives on movement and its engine is desire, which is why it is capable of getting into a car, truck or plane at the last minute with only what is necessary and going to a faraway place.

However, this attitude reveals a fear of settling down “often, not being tied to a place or to the same people, Sagittarius can seem restless,” they concluded.

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