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The 5 Chiky Bombom outfits that unleashed sighs on Instagram

Chiky Bombom, Dominican influencer and former MasterChef participant.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. /Getty Images

The television host Chiki Bombom has not given truce to his followers on Instagram, and it is that through her official profile she has been in charge of publishing photographs dressed in various heart-stopping outfits. Here we share some of them!

impact mane

Since entering the new season of the morning newspaper ‘Today’, the former participant of ‘MasterChef’ has delighted the audience with her looks.

One of the most commented was that made up of a very tight mint-colored dress with an open shoulder. In addition, she wore long brown hair that highlighted the tanned tone of her skin.

Blue, like the blue sea

Another of the most popular pieces within her digital community was that very tight navy blue dress with a halter neck and fringes at the waist that accentuated her hips. As part of the accessories, the famous opted for chunky gold-colored shoes.

wasp waist

Chiky caused a tremendous stir when she arrived on the carpet of an event organized by the Telemundo Internacional network dressed in a stunning neon yellow gala dress.

Sensual look

“And despite the uphill roads, the scratches and bumps on the road, the endless problems, the bitter moments or terrible pain, this life is worth living,” reflected the young woman along with a publication in which It was seen in a set of mini skirt and blazer.

commercial smile

One of Chiky Bombom’s most memorable publications occurred last September, when she looked more than incredible on the red carpet of the 2022 Latin Billboard Awards. For the occasion, she chose a gala dress with beading and a halter neck that highlighted her features. .

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