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The 5 books that millionaire minds read every day

If you want to build a millionaire mindset and want to improve your relationship with money, the recommended books in this article will be of great help.

Finance books, financial education and millionaire habits are essential to build our wealth. Of course, they have the knowledge and it is our responsibility to implement their teachings.

So check out the following books to build a millionaire mindset, implement what you learn with these recommended books, and commit to taking action based on your financial goals.

1. Rich Mind

In this digital book you will learn how to build a millionaire mentality, responsible for making decisions and actions based on beliefs of abundance and wealth.

With this digital book you will access 50 practical tips to start building your wealth today. So you will have effective advice at hand, which by implementing today will allow you to put a positive spin on your finances.

This digital book is divided into 5 parts; among which we have: mentality, income, investments, savings and millionaire habits.

If you want to improve your personal finances today, I recommend that you review these 50 effective tips right now, in addition to the extra bonuses included in the digital book; such as:

  • savings and investment templates
  • digital personal budget
  • audiobook version
  • free finance book summaries

Link: Access the digital book

2. Psychology of money

Morgan Housel is the author of this book on building a millionaire mindset. The book is divided into 13 psychological principles of money that you must master to change your relationship with money.

The best thing about this book is that it moves away from the idealistic (and unrealistic) vision of what our finances should be like, and has a practical and up-to-date approach to reviewing our relationship with money.

In the book, Housel argues that money management is a soft skill that we have to learn; It doesn’t have so much to do with mastering some formulas, but with the financial emotional intelligence that we have.

Link: access the book

3. The fast life of the millionaire

This book has become a benchmark for changing our relationship with money, and the way in which we assume that wealth can be built.

In his book, MJ DeMarco explains that there are three routes to building wealth:

  • Sidewalk (side walk)
  • the slow lane (slow lane)
  • the fast track (fast line)

Each of these routes have their characteristics and mathematical formulas. For example, while people on the curb are based on income and debt, those on the fast track are based on building assets and cash flow.

This recommended book to change your money mindset is a critique of the traditional system that recommends working for 40 years and then retiring.

Link: access the book

4. Think and grow rich

Lessons from the book Think and Grow Rich

This millionaire mentality classic is a book that all people who want to improve their relationship with money should read.

More than 80 years after it was published, the teachings of Napoleon Hill’s book are still just as valid.

So if you haven’t read it, I invite you to review this personal finance book right now and transform your relationship with money.

Link: access the book

5. The Automatic Millionaire:

This personal finance book is based on an essential wealth-building principle: create automated systems that unleash your willpower and focus to create wealth.

And it is that once you understand what are the right thoughts to build your heritage, and identify the actions that you must take, you are aware that the easier these actions are done, the faster they will become habits.

With this book you will learn how to automate the good financial decisions of your life, in such a way that you do not waste willpower implementing habits or decisions that are difficult for you to make.

Link: access the book

Books that can change your financial life

In conclusion, start investing in your financial education and allow great financial experts to give you their best advice and recommendations to change your mentality towards money, and start building your wealth today.

Remember that everything starts from the thoughts you harbor in your mind; for the abundance or scarcity that accompanies you in each of your ideas, and for the decisions and actions you take, as a consequence of your beliefs.

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