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The 5 best Feng Shui amulets to attract money

In Feng Shui, an ancient Eastern philosophy that tells us how to take advantage of spaces to attract positive energy, everything must be harmonious in order to have a balance and to do well in different aspects of life. If you want to include elements in your decoration that help you attract money, this tool recommends some objects that work as amulets.

Amulets are gadgets that are attributed a magical power to benefit the person who has it in their possession. The objects suggested by Fung Shui symbolize abundance and interfere with the energies of prosperity in the home.

These elements also They have a dual purpose as they serve to attract money and as excellent decorative pieces for the home., as AD Magazine explained in an article. Below we have chosen the top 5 Feng Shui amulets for financial fortune.

1. Chinese coins

Chinese coins are amulets that are tied with a red ribbon. They represent money and prosperity, so you can place them as an ornament on the front door handle of your home (inside) or place them on the rearview mirror of your car so that luck is always with you.

2. The Bowl of Prosperity

It is a powerful amulet that you will have to make yourself, you only need a metal or wooden container and place river rocks, quartz such as amethyst, jade and pyrite inside, as well as a figurine of the Buddha of abundance or Chinese coins. To activate it, light a sandalwood incense next to it and you must place it in the corner farthest from the main door of the house.

3. Jade Tree

It is a plant of the succulent family whose appearance is similar to a small tree with very green and semi-oval leaves. Feng Shui says that it is a natural element that helps attract money, you just have to place it in a hall, front door or near a window so that it receives natural light.

4. The lucky cat

Known as Maneki Neko it is one of the most popular amulets. It is a feline sitting on its hind legs that is golden in color and has its left paw raised. You should place it on a table facing the front door.

5. The Fortune Frog

He regularly comes in an emerald green or completely gold color and holds a Chinese coin in his mouth. This amphibian is a lucky charm and is said to help attract abundance. You must place it in the southeast area to enhance wealth.

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