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The 5 best ecommerce in Latin America for 2023

Latin America has experienced a great technological evolution in recent years, which has greatly benefited some trading platforms.ercio electronic.

Without a doubt, the ecommerce It is one of the largest growing sectors, not only in Latin America, but also in the rest of the world.

Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina are some of the Latin American countries that have bet on strengthening electronic commerce, which has revolutionized the market on a large scale.

growth of ecommerce in Latin America

According to figures from Statistaglobal sales of the retail sector could exceed $8 billion in 2026.

Additionally, last year global e-commerce retail sales were over $5 billion.

In parallel, some of the trading platforms hemost successful ctronic in Latin America broke records of visits during that same year.

E-commerce has not stopped promoting profitable business all over the planet.

This means that the Latin American region has not been left behind, despite the fact that this industry is most robust in Asia, Europe and North America.

Latin American consumers have also perfected their consumption patterns, and now feel more comfortable shopping online.

Specifically, there is a host of factors that have favored the strengthening of the ecommerce in Latin America in recent years (including the pandemic and confinement).

And the most impressive thing is that the projections for the sector are totally favourable. According to official figures, electronic retail sales in Latin America would reach $160 billion dollars in 2025.

In this opportunity we will tell you how you can take advantage of shopping on-line if you live in a Latin American country, as well as the advantages you can take advantage of with the ecommerce.

Best e-commerce platforms in Latin America

Next we will present the five best platformss of coelectronic commerce in Latin America in 2022.

We will share some shocking figures about them, as well as their main advantages and disadvantages:

1. Free Market

Free market leads the list of the largest e-commerce platforms in Latin America.

This ecommerce of Argentine origin has not stopped growing in this continent during the last decade.

In fact, in the last four years it has captivated 139.5 million new users. As if that were not enough, it has registered a sales record this year.

Only during the first quarter of 2022, its sales amounted to $2 billion dollars, (completely surpassing the performance it obtained in the fourth quarter of 2021).

This multinational company was founded more than 20 years ago by Marcos Galperín, one of the Hispanic entrepreneurs most successful and respected in Latin America.

Currently, it operates in more than 15 countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia.

Forbes reported that the market capitalization of this ecommerce is greater than $36 billion dollars.

Likewise, he pointed out that its income to date exceeds $7.94 billion dollars. (So ​​it is one of the most profitable and lucrative platforms in Latin America and the world).

Main advantages:

You can register on the site and post at no cost. This is ideal for people who want to sell products online using this platform.

Sellers can start business from homethanks to the facilities and tools provided by this ecommerce.

It is possible to promote your offers, classifieds or publications, to optimize their positioning in the search engine Free market. The idea is that your products are more relevant than those of your competition.

sell on Free market could boost your finances. In fact, this online business could become a great source of additional income.

Your products will be displayed before a massive audience. According to figures from Statista, Free market – Brazil, received 271.1 million visits in 2021. (Followed by its portals in Argentina and Mexico).

Your alternative services, such as Shipping Market, Payment Market either Credit Market, they can help you scale your business considerably.

Some disadvantages:

  • Their promotional fees for their classifieds are usually high (at least for new sellers who don’t produce a large volume of sales).
  • Free market earns a commission for each sale made.
  • The competition is very big; taking into consideration that it has more than 80 million active users.
  • Your seller account or profile is not customizable. You must adjust to the parameters of the site.

2. Magazine Luiza

successful electronic commerce of latam magaluMagazine Luiza It is another of the best platforms of electronic commerce of the continent, specifically in Brazil.

In essence, it is the ecommerce most important and popular retailer in that country, and it is also the pioneer, since it was founded in 1992. (Eight years before Free market).

By joining the digital revolution early on, even when it seemed impossible to make purchases online, it has been able to position itself as a great reference in the sector.

This ecommerce it has known how to capitalize on many business opportunities, has managed to adapt to technological and market changes, and has always been in trend.

It is one of the Family businesses most successful of all time in Brazil and its growth continues to rise like foam. (Only in 2019 did it grow 54%).

Main advantages

  • You can shop in numerous categories: appliances, computers, fashion, home, food, and more.
  • Open space for digital entrepreneurship. It currently has more than 250,000 retail sellers.
  • Their affiliate program is one of the most popular. Sellers receive commissions every time sales are made on the site (through their affiliate links).
  • Sellers can manage their own stores and start selling their own products. Magazine Luisa.

Disadvantages of this ecommerce

The organic growth of a On-line shop in Magazine Luiza tends to be very slow. Therefore, it is likely that you should make advertising investments, to increase the reach of your business and boost sales.

The commissions that you will receive as an affiliate, for the sale of products, are lower than those of other sites. (If you live in Latin America and want to break into this market, you should know the advantages it offers Hotmart).

Even though this is one of the best platformsormAs electronic commerce in Brazil, the financial return of your business will not be as quick, given the high level of competitiveness that exists in the market.


Homecenter ecommerce latamColombia has not been left behind with the evolution of electronic commerce, and an example of this is reflected in the massive growth of HomeCenter.

This platform specializes in the online sale of household products, household appliances, and decorative items.

Since 2020, its traffic volume has increased dramatically, becoming an excellent change agent in the Colombian digital environment.

That same year the company’s operating income exceeded $4 billion.

Main advantages

  • If you have a company or venture in Colombia, you can scale it digitally through its marketplace.
  • You can boost your retail sales in more than 20 cities in the country.
  • home center It continues to bet on digital retail, and for this reason it has not stopped developing useful products for its buyers and sellers, (such as its app, call center channels and digital screens in stores).

Some disadvantages

  • There are other platforms ecommerce with higher volume of traffic and visits. Free market leads the sector in general, and in the “Home” area, home center compete with Easy Y tugo.
  • Currently, almost half of the Colombian population accesses the Internet for entertainment or communication purposes. This means that online shopping is not as high a priority for this segment.

4. LiverPool

Without a doubt, it leads the ranking of the best platformsace electronic commerce in Mexico, one of the most advanced Latin American countries in this industry.

More than 20% of Mexicans visit this ecommerce to do fashion shopping; while sales of Liverpool They have grown by 49% in the last year.

One of the secrets of its massive success, both in Mexico and in other countries on the continent, is that it has been able to adapt to technological advances and market developments.

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Main advantages

  • The use of artificial intelligence has improved the shopping experience on-line to the max.
  • Shipments are free.
  • Liverpool It has multiple purchase categories. From fashion garments to Christmas items.

Some disadvantages

  • Customer service needs some optimizations.
  • You cannot create an online store to make sales over the Internet. This platform does not act as an intermediary.

5. Falabella

falabella successful ecommerce in latamIn Chile there are several electronic commerce platformsOne thing worth mentioning: Ripley, Paris, Sodimac Y falabella.

The latter has experienced a percentage growth in traffic during 2022 (which is projected for 2023), as well as a high volume of online visits.

Forbes announced that this company will close 10% of its stores in Colombia, Chile and Peru, over the course of five years, in order to strengthen its ecommerce and boost sales on-line.

This highlights the importance of migrating to the digital ecosystem, especially if retail sales are managed.

Main advantages

falabella has almost 40 million customers in the region and sor ecommerce receives more than 180 million monthly visits.

Sales generated through this platform have grown exponentially since 2019.

All these factors could play in your favor if you decide to join this ecommerce under the figure of seller.

Also, with your store on-line in falabella You will access state-of-the-art technology for your business, the reach and visibility of your brand will be greater and you will not have to face logistical complications.

Some disadvantages

  • A large segment of the Chilean population prefers to shop in marketplaces global, as would be the case of Amazon either Aliexpress.
  • Competition in the retail sector in Chile is increasingly pronounced.

Ecommerce, an expanding sector

The industry of ecommerce in Latin America it will continue to grow by leaps and bounds for years to come, and its sales could easily exceed $160 billion.

Therefore, it is to be expected that the platformse coelectronic commerce in Latin America continue to modernize and adapt to new consumption patterns and constant market changes.

Especially since they compete directly and indirectly with the largest platforms in the world, including Amazon.

In short, if you live in this continent and you are thinking of starting a business in the digital field, You should join this multi-million dollar market to boost your finances or have more economic prosperity.

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