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The 4 zodiac signs that will end with their partner in September 2022

The next month of September of the year 2022 will not be very good in matters of the heart for 4 signs of the zodiacwho could lose their partner’s interest, fall out of love and the stars will prompt them to make the decision to cut off the relationship.

This is because during the ninth month the Sun will enter Libra, a sign that stands out for its sense of commitment and balance, which means that relationships will be judged by the cosmos and those that are not in tune will be destined to go their separate ways.

In addition, Venus, the planet of love, will leave Virgo and arrive in Libra, giving us a warning that the theme of romance will be a priority. If there is an opportunity to improve them, we will do it, otherwise there will be no future. Then in the middle of the month the full Moon in Pisces will highlight our sense of need, that is, it will be a reminder not to settle for less.

And to add more drama Mercury retrograde energies could force us to rethink our role in a relationship and even question why we have stayed there for a long time.

According to predictions from YourTango.com, this cosmic configuration that awaits us in September will directly affect the relationships of the following signs of the zodiac, who could decide to end their association.

September will bring clarity on a relationship that has been holding you back. Perhaps he feels emotional attachment to what that person represents, however, he will remember that home is where he feels comfortable with himself. During this month you will find the courage to move forward and see what you really need from a partner.

You will want a more satisfying, unconditional and stable relationship. You will not be satisfied with someone who accompanies you in your routine, now you will want them to have a purpose together. The planetary transits of the month will make those relationships that have no future clearer.

A feeling of being fed up will begin to bother you and it is that you will realize that your relationship cannot continue as it has been until now. She will long to be with her soulmate, so she may find that her current partner has not been who she expected him to be. It’s time to accept your emotions and find someone who truly values ​​them.

If you have felt that your relationship is coming to an end, September will be the point of no return.. She has passed the time to reflect and she realized that she needs self-love. She has kept a lot of feelings to herself and now is the time to be bold and speak her mind.

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