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The 4 zodiac signs that most attract toxic romances

In a toxic relationship, the lack of harmony is a constant, either because there is no understanding or only one of the parties makes an effort, in the worst case, one of them takes advantage of the good will of the other. Whatever the reason, one is harmed and the other is benefited when in love both should go hand in hand no matter how difficult the path becomes.

It is likely that everyone at some point in their lives has been involved in these types of relationships, but according to astrology, some zodiac signs don’t learn their lesson and almost always end up involved with a toxic partner.

The reason? Their astral traits cause them to daydream or fall in love so fast that their emotions cloud their reasoning and they don’t realize they are going on a downward spiral. Next, we tell you who these signs are, based on an article from PinkVilla.com.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn They seek partners who provide them with security and stability. even if it means submitting to it. If her heart falls into the wrong hands, they may comply with any of her whims, and out of fear of losing her, they will forgive any negative behavior.

On the surface, Leo is still independent in love, however, it is just a mask that he puts on to avoid showing his vulnerability. Deep down they are looking for a partner with whom to open up, after all, he only wants to love. When you are in a toxic relationship, your partner often takes advantage of your generosity.

The archer of the zodiac relates easily to people and can be quickly attracted to those who are just as optimistic and adventurous as he is. However, this can be a problem because there are those who take advantage of his positive attitude to manipulate him. If you start a relationship with any of them, it is possible that it will become a very toxic relationship.

Unconsciously, Scorpio looks for a partner who is a leader who supports him and encourages him to achieve his goals; the problem is that he wants to be told that everything he does is fine, and a couple who loves him sincerely, will have to correct him and point out his mistakes; however, one who only wants to take advantage of him will tell him what she wants to hear. For this reason it is usual for him to attract toxic relationships.

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