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The 4 zodiac signs that give the most evil advice

A council is requested to know the opinion or point of view of an event that will occur in the future and the best path to choose is unknown. We seek the wisdom of a friend, family member, or colleague who could positively guide us. Nevertheless, some people don’t always have the best intentions.

According to astrology, there are signs of the zodiac that usually give evil advice out of revenge, jealousy, their negative outlook on life or simply because they are naive. Whatever the reason, they are not wise to advise.

It certainly does not mean that they always have bad intentions. The stars indicate that are more likely to give a poor recommendation when motivated by negative feelings.

For example, if you harmed one of them in the past, it is likely that if you go to him in the future to ask for his advice, he will not do it in the best way. Here, based on a PinkVilla review, we tell you which zodiac signs give the most evil advice.

The sign of those born from May 21 to June 20 gives bad advice when your heart is hurt. The dark side of him expects to see that person fail because he has a grudge against her, however, he usually regrets it and before the chaos happens, he corrects her mistake and gives a more objective recommendation.

One of the most marked traits in the personality of the sign of those born from July 21 to August 21 is their ego. The world revolves around them and if another person dulls their shine, they feel offended. For this reason, when he feels jealous he can give bad advice.

The sign that they were born from September 23 to October 22 he doesn’t give the best advice when he feels insecure. One of the main challenges Libra faces is its indecision. His intentions are not bad, but he can advise without knowing the facts.

For its part, the sign of those born from August 22 to September 22 is very demanding and critical of itself. For him his advice may work because he is used to being a perfectionist, but for others their recommendations will not be entirely good because they come loaded with a personal dose of criticism.

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