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The 4 zodiac signs that get most depressed at Christmas

If you have perceived that some people get depressed at christmas, a time of joy and celebration, perhaps the reason is due to the stars. According to astrology, there are zodiac signs that cannot deal with nostalgia, so they prefer to isolate themselves from meetings and parties.

The carols, the Christmas tree and the delicious cookies transport them to once happy memories that are now in the past and fills them with sadness knowing that they will never be repeated again.

And it is that, for astrology, these zodiac signs are more sensitive to Christmas vibes and the darkness of winter, so they are more likely to get depressed at this time of year.

Which zodiac signs are the most depressed at Christmas?

People who are Cancer belong to the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. Mood swings are more frequent at Christmas time, so it is very likely that they suffer from depression. They care a lot about being with their loved ones, and at Christmas, they remember those moments they spent together with people who have departed from this plane.

As one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac and seeking balance, it depresses him to know that people he likes equally don’t get along, and at Christmas gatherings, these problems become more noticeable. In his thoughts, he wants there to be cordiality, however, the reality is that there are wounds that cannot heal overnight.

For Pisces, family traditions are very important, and when things are no longer the same, they start to get depressed. This sign understands that not everything can be rosy, but in his dream world he wants that, at least, family rituals are never lost.

What depresses Taurus people is the lack of progress and movement. The Christmas holidays represent a pause, when this sign feels trapped and stuck on the path to its goals.

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