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The 4 signs of the zodiac that eat for anxiety

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to taste exquisite dishes. Nevertheless, there are signs of the zodiac that turn this delicious activity into a problem. When they are anxious or stressed they go to the refrigerator without even being hungry, they only do it as a response to an emotion that they cannot bear.

Astrology predicts that these signs are too nervous and have a hard time balancing things, so are more likely to become impulsive eaters. If they can’t control themselves, they can fall into unhealthy habits, as the stars predict.

It should be noted that if you belong to any of these signs, it does not mean that you necessarily have eating problems. Astrology is only a guide that can help you understand some of your behaviors based on your astral traits..

That said, these are the signs most prone to anxiety eating according to astrologers on the Times of India site.

This zodiac sign is characterized by a very impulsive attitude that, in combination with their great taste for food, makes consuming food a constant. Aries is the typical sign that needs to be moving their jaw to be calm. In his pocket he always hides chewing gums and flashy sweets.

Leo loves to splurge on fine restaurants and cutting-edge dishes. Like a good feline, he makes him happy with a plate with an abundance of food. However, they fall into excess when there is something that worries them inside, so they will try to fill that feeling of emptiness with food.

When they are sad, lonely or disappointed, food becomes their comfort. Midnight snacks, chocolates and ice creams directly influence their emotional state, so they can become impulsive eaters.

As an emotional water sign, you associate emotions with the pleasure of food. Pisces loves the sensation of desserts in his mouth, especially when he feels depressed by a heartbreak. The consumption of ice cream and junk food is the result of an intense emotional state, for example, depression or euphoria.

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