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The 4 signs of the zodiac that conquer dancing

One of the main weapons to conquer is dancing. Hip movements, harmonic steps and shaking to the rhythm of the music are attributes that some zodiac signs naturally possess. who, aware of this ability, use it to approach and seduce.

These 4 zodiac signs are the first to hit the track because they want to attract attention by showing off their best steps, in addition, they are brave to ask you to dance because they know that it is one of the ways in which they can express themselves better.

Below, based on an article from the HoroscopeMarí site, we tell you why Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn are the signs that conquer the most dancing.

Being ruled by the moon, the astrological planet of emotions, Cancer people are dancers by nature. To approach they are shy, but If their favorite song plays, they won’t hesitate for a single moment to take you by the hand and invite you to the dance floor.

They use melodies to open up and express themselves, something they don’t do in conversation. This sign is known for its constant mood swings, but with music they become very pleasant and seductive.

It is a perfectionist sign, but finds in dancing one of the best ways to relax. When he is de-stressed he lets himself be carried away by the rhythm and causes his dance partner to do the same.

Virgo is also someone who likes to teach and correct, so he is also an excellent dance teacher.

As a passionate and determined sign, you feel a natural attraction to musical expression. The melodies touch all the fibers of your body, so the harmonic movements of your feet, hips, head and arms are given to you without much effort.

Scorpio uses dancing as a way to break the iceso if he asks you to dance, he probably has an intention with you.

It’s hard to imagine how such a disciplined and work-oriented sign could be an excellent dancer. When they get excited about something they project all their energy towards that goal, and dancing is one of her hidden passions.

Capricorn likes to stay active and there is no better way to show it than through dance.

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