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The 4 most vengeful women of the zodiac when they break their hearts

Revenge is not a concept that all women of the zodiac practice, but when they are upset by a lack of love some signs can become the most vindictive of all.

The planetary traits or the energy of the stars are associated with how each sign reacts to the adversities of life, that is the precept of astrology. In this sense, zodiac women experience heartbreak in different ways.

Some are very sentimental, others pass the bitter pill quickly, but the ones we list below are extremely passionate and spiteful. Next, find out which women of the zodiac are the most vindictive in love.

In the first place we have women born between October 23 and November 22. Scorpio women do not forget a betrayal so easilyso they can wait for the right moment to take out all the pain that their ex caused, even if months or even years pass.

Undoubtedly, women who were born from June 21 to July 20 are the sweetest in a relationship, but when they are scorned they are careful. The grudge can darken your heart and they are capable of planning revenge that is beyond imagination.

In third place are women born between August 22 and September 22. When betrayed, they are silent at first, not characterized by making a scene. Nevertheless, in his mind he plots a revenge that his ex will never expect. She knows where to attack and is direct.

And in the last place of this list are those born between December 21 and January 19. Despite their fourth place, the Capricorn’s revenge is just as scandalous as the 3 previous signs. If you make them angry, they will apply the same antidote to attack you.

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