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The 4 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs: Who Are They?

To achieve their goal, some zodiac signs know how to do it. They excel in the art of manipulating others to achieve their goal. Cunning, subtle strategy, seduction or even guilt, manipulators have their secrets. Here are, according to astrologers, the evil geniuses of the zodiac.

When deciphering the characteristic traits of each Manipulative Zodiac Signs, astrologers believe that some of them have a more manipulative bent than others. In the literal sense, to manipulate means to manipulate or cause someone to have a specific behavior or thought in order to deceive them. It turns out that these four zodiac signs are capable of using mind games to act and control other people.

What are the most manipulative zodiac signs?


Geminis have strong oratory skills. No wonder these air signs use manipulation to get what they want . Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, perfectly master the art of language and gestures to lead others to the baton. They like to lie without cheating. It is in love that Geminis are the greatest manipulators. What interests them is to seduce at all costs, even if it means flattering their interlocutor by carefully choosing their words to charm. There is no way for them to lower their arms. Passionate, they have a reputation for being fickle and flirtatious and have a constant need to charm and stay in the game even as they get older. And for that, nothing better than manipulating your victims to attract them. That being said, not all Geminis are the kings of manipulation as the sky map is much larger.


best known for its independent character, but also because of their originality, Aquarius tends to want to enjoy their freedom. For this, it is out of the question for this Air sign to abandon their plans, even if it means invading others or even manipulating them to achieve their goal. At first glance, he displays a friendly and reactive air to convince others to join his cause. He enters the brains of others and he has the art of hiding his intention to deceive. In this way, he maintains his reputation as a savior of the planet. We cannot deny his efforts in this regard and we can give him that credit.A Manipulative Zodiac Signs


Gifted with good intuition, this Water sign can detect the intricacies of a given situation. With little self-confidence, he tries by all means to fill this gap by going beyond his limits and sometimes to the detriment of the people he knows. Emotionally dependent on others, he always needs to be surrounded and so he uses every subterfuge and manipulation to encourage others to stay with him. In love, he doesn’t hesitate to use certain lies to keep his partner, because he doesn’t know how to do otherwise. This hypersensitive zodiac sign means well, but he would benefit from asserting himself more in front of people close to him.


He is the great master of persuasion. The zodiac enthusiast He is uncompromising in everything he does. He imposes his vision and his decisions without asking the opinion of those around him. His ambition drives him to crush others in his path. He does not hesitate to flatter his interlocutors and stroke them in the direction of the hair. to achieve its ends. But this dark zodiac mystery doesn’t hesitate to use his gifts of manipulation to protect the interests of those he loves, as well as his own. We cannot deny that he is dedicated to his loved ones!

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