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The 4 men of the Zodiac who do not show their feelings in a relationship

Some men think that showing your feelings or expressing emotions in the relationship is a symbol of weakness. They avoid being cute and affectionate because they don’t want to lose their manly image, as it turns out that this behavior has something to do with the horoscope.

According to astrology, there are zodiac signs that tend to be more reserved than others in a relationship. Although everyone can hide what they feel in certain contexts, for example, when they do not want the other person to know that they want something more, these signs are silent despite having established some trust with the partner.

Not showing what you feel can be a problem as your partner might think that you are not on the same channel. Then, Do you know which zodiac signs these men belong to?.

Taurus men hide what they feel or want because they are afraid of asking too much of their partner. According to a PinkVilla.com review, this sign often seeks to balance the relationship, and as a result, may hold back on things in order to maintain stability.

Taureans are very dependent on a relationship, so they make an effort not to show that they need their better half.

Cancer men are known to be sensitive. They are aware of how vulnerable their hearts are, so they hide under their hard crab shell to avoid appearing emotionally defenseless.

When they adopt this behavior it is difficult to communicate with them; they create such a great barrier that they can cause a distance with their partner due to the lack of emotional honesty.

A Virgo man can show himself very closed in their relationship. They hide their emotions to, they think, avoid hurting you. This sign is given to trying to rationalize everything. He analyzes and judges himself very harshly.

To avoid conflicts, he conducts himself diplomatically; however, when he does not release his emotions, his partner perceives him as a closed and cold man.

Scorpio men love and fall in love with great passion, however, it is not the same for them to feel it than to express it. They can be very demandingthey wait to show their feelings until they are sure that their partner is 100% committed.

On the other hand, in a discussion they tend to keep silent, they avoid saying what they feel so as not to hurt their feelings, because angry Scorpios are usually very hurtful.

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