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The 4 facets of the electronic spreadsheet

What are the characteristics of the electronic spreadsheet?

The Electronic Sheet is a program that allows us to work and operate on the machine with alphanumeric data distributed in rows (referenced by a number) and columns (referenced by a letter), so that different arithmetic operations can be executed of all kinds of difficulty, and

What are the main features of the spreadsheet?


  • It is organized in a simple grid made up of rows and columns of cells where numbers and/or formulas can be incorporated in a coordinated way.
  • It contains existing functions that make it possible to simply incorporate more complex correlations between the different cells.

What are the spreadsheet features?:

The spreadsheet organizes and stores information in a matrix-based work area, much like a sheet of graph paper. It is made up of a specific telephone number in rows and columns, which in turn are fully identifiable.

What characteristics does an Excel sheet have?

THE MICROSOFT EXCEL SPREADSHEET. Excel is an integrated program that combines a spreadsheet (which is also used for designing databases), descriptions, and macros in a single package. The spreadsheet has a capacity of about 65,536 rows by 256 columns. Each cell accepts up to 32,000 characters.

What elements make up the electronic spreadsheet?

It is made up of: the first name box, the enter button, the cancel button, the formula change button, and the content canvas, which is the area where the data that we type in the active cell appears.

What is the function of the electronic spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets are applications that allow you to perform simple and complex calculations with speed and accuracy. They are also used for machining, using a computer.

What are the main features of Excel?

Excel Features: Spreadsheets
One of the main characteristics of Excel is that a two-dimensional matrix is ​​displayed on its main screen, which is made up of columns and rows, in this way a cell is constituted, which is basically the intersection of a cell. column and a string.

What are the main features of the Excel 2016 spreadsheet?:

10 features of Microsoft Excel 2016

  • The ‘Tell Me’ box
  • Forecast.
  • Search Scope (Pivot Tables)
  • Grouping of dates (pivot tables)
  • Histograms and Pareto charts.
  • Descriptions of gusts of sun.
  • 3D data map.
  • PowerPivot.

What is an Excel spreadsheet and its own characteristics?

excel functions
The functions of this program are procedures that assist in performing calculations with the input data. In this way, they are considered a kind of Excel assistant that uses the entered data to then carry out calculations, thus delivering the correct result.

What is Excel and what are its features?

What characteristics does an Excel sheet have?
Microsoft Excel is such a program for data analysis. It is based on a single spreadsheet, which contains a series of columns and rows, where each intersection of a column and a row is a “cell”. Each cell contains one data point or one piece of information.

What does an Excel sheet contain?

What characteristics does an Excel sheet have?
A spreadsheet is made up of approximately 17 million cells (255 columns x 65536 rows) and up to 255 spreadsheets can be used in a workbook.

How is an electronic spreadsheet divided?

Each of the leaves is divided into strings and columns. The intersection of a row and a column is called a cell. In the cells it is where the data or the expressions that allow to obtain new data from others that are in some other cells are included.

What is a spreadsheet and what are its elements?

It is a program that allows you to manipulate numeric and alphanumeric data prepared in the form of tables composed of cells (which are usually organized in a single two-dimensional array of rows and columns). Set of spreadsheets, descriptions and macros that are stored under the same full name.

How is the spreadsheet made up?

A spreadsheet is made up of rows numbered from 1 to 32000 and columns lettered from A to Z, AA to AZ, and so on; the last column is designated with the letters IV. Thus, each cell can be identified exactly by its line and column.

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