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The 4 Best Credit Cards for CNPJ MEI

Credit cards for CNPJ MEI are excellent options for those who belong to this type of business and need extra credit to adjust the company’s accounts or even expand it. The Brazilian market has interesting credit card alternatives for CNPJ MEI, but it is important to know which ones are best to make a good choice.

These credit cards for CNPJ MEI have similar characteristics to each other, but at the same time, they also have very particular conditions and rates. For this reason, it is essential to compare these products to see what works best for you. Check out, in this text, some good credit card options for CNPJ MEI and what are their advantages.

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What are credit cards for CNPJ MEI?

Credit cards for CNPJ MEI can be defined with credit options that work well for those who own their own business. This is defined mainly because of the advantages that each one of them offers and how it can help in the business of who is MEI.

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Credit cards for CNPJ MEI are therefore plastics that should only be used for expenses related to the company and not for personal things. It is very important to know how to separate personal expenses from those belonging to your business.

What are the best credit cards for CNPJ MEI?

As stated above, there are good credit cards for CNPJ MEI available in the Brazilian market. For this reason, it is interesting to observe the characteristics of each one to make the best choice. Check below a list of the main credit card names for CNPJ MEI in 2022.

C6 Bank Business Card

This card is provided by C6 Bank and is linked to the C6 MEI digital account. Among its advantages, one of the most interesting is the non-existence of annuity. In addition, no fees are charged on the C6 Empresas account. The plastic can work in credit or debit mode and is issued with the Mastercard International flag.

Banco Inter

Another good option among credit cards for CNPJ MEI is the one offered by Banco Inter. Similar to the previous option, it also has no annuity and no fees are charged on the MEI Inter digital account?? Things like free pix, free ticketing and 100 free TEDS per month are some of the advantages of this product.


Public banks also have credit cards for CNPJ MEI and BNDES is an example of this. Its annuity is also free and its main objective is to serve as working capital for the enterprise. Although the resources come from the BNDES, the card is issued by other financial institutions, so it is necessary to have accounts at one of them to apply for this specific line of credit.

MEI Caixa credit card

Caixa is another public institution that has credit cards for CNPJ MEI, in this case, two options are available: Visa and Elo. Both have an annual fee of R$150 and target small and medium-sized companies. Caixa has a business points program that allows you to accumulate points and then use them with products or services.

Advantages of credit cards for CNPJ MEI

Credit cards for CNPJ MEI have interesting advantages for entrepreneurs. One of the main ones is the possibility of separating personal expenses from those generated in the company. Besides, there are still others. Check out some of them below.

Tariffs and Interest Rates

Fees and interest associated with credit cards for CNPJ MEI are usually lower than personal credit. This can be a big differential for those who undertake, as it helps keep accounts up to date.


Credit cards for CNPJ MEI also make it possible to take out loans and financing with less bureaucracy when compared to common requests.

Credit cards for CNPJ MEI can also be considered an extra resource for the company to be used in times of tightness, for example. But this, of course, directly depends on the use made of the product by the cardholder.

How to apply for credit cards for CNPJ MEI?

There are different paths that can be followed to make credit cards for CNPJ MEI and that depends on which institution provides the credit. Most of them, however, allow these cards to be requested by digital means (online forms). In this case, you need to go to the pages of the banks and look for the desired card.

How to apply for credit cards for CNPJ MEI

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Banks that have physical branches also usually provide personal assistance to meet this customer need. If applicable, looking for one of these agencies and talking to the manager about the interest in having credit cards for CNPJ MEI may be the way out.

Care in the use of credit cards for CNPJ MEI

The main care associated with credit cards for CNPJ MEI that must be followed is in relation to their use. The owner of the card must be careful with the product and understand that it is not exactly extra money, but a resource that can be used to improve and expand the company or to get out of tight moments.

Defining what exactly the card should be used for is a good practice to avoid using it the wrong way. Will it be used to buy equipment? Expand the company headquarters? Help pay vendors? Anyway, this must be determined in advance.

In any case, credit cards for CNPJ MEI can help a lot to improve the health of the company or its structure and make it more competitive. But remember, before applying for this line of credit, evaluate the best options and see what best suits your business.

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