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The 4 best compact foundations for every skin type

Its main function is to cover imperfections, leaving the skin uniform and beautiful. Discover the best compact foundations for a dream complexion.

Foundation is an essential product when it comes to make-up, especially if you have skin with some imperfections. And, nowadays there are foundations with textures for all tastes and skin types. But, there is one type of foundation with a natural finish that works for everyone. We are talking, of course, about the compact bases.

With a fairly good coverage, the compact foundation is a powder-finished foundation that evens out the complexion while hiding imperfections. The result is naturally beautiful skin that doesn’t look like you’re wearing foundation.

And the best part is that, as it’s practical and very easy to apply and carry in your bag, it’s the choice of women with a more hectic lifestyle, who can’t waste a lot of time putting on makeup. After all, you manage to apply it in the elevator mirror, or even while you’re in traffic.

If that’s your case, find out about the best ones below and don’t forget that when choosing, it’s essential to find the foundation with the most similar tone to your skin, so that the finish is natural and beautiful.

In this sense, before buying, test it on the jaw and neck area in order to see if the tone is really similar to yours or not.

The best compact foundations you have to know

A compact foundation for every skin type

Clinique’s Superpowder Double Face compact foundation is perfect for leaving skin with a natural finish, while covering all imperfections without drying out.

As it has an oil-free formula but at the same time does not dry the skin, it is the ideal foundation for all skin types. And what’s more, it comes in several different shades, so you can find the one that suits you perfectly.

It doesn’t matter if you have normal skin with a tendency to dryness, or normal skin with a tendency to oily skin. This powder foundation does them all.



For combination to oily skin

With vitamin E in the composition, this compact foundation by Avène called Couvrance is an excellent ally for all those who have combination or oily skin and want a matte effect.

Indeed, it helps to control the skin’s oiliness, leaving it mattified, uniform and without visible pores, throughout the day.

Goodbye to unwanted shine, with great coverage.
If you’ve never tried it, it’s worth it.


foundations for dry skin

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Do you have sensitive skin and don’t like any of the compact foundations on the market? Try Toleriane Teint by La Roche-Posay.

With hypoallergenic properties, it covers all imperfections (from the most severe ones like acne, to the more common ones like differences in pigmentation). This, while helping to leave the skin with a uniform and healthy appearance, without causing any kind of reaction.

Find your color among the four available and see for yourself how well your skin reacts.



For normal to dry skin

For anyone with normal skin prone to dryness, or even dry skin, Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish compact foundation is worth a try.

It’s just that, at the same time that it helps to cover imperfections, giving the skin a dreamlike appearance, this foundation has moisturizing agents that help keep the skin nourished, without drying out, throughout the day.

Soft and silky complexion, which creates the illusion of flawless skin. As it has medium coverage, it can be built up in layers, depending on whether you have less or more imperfections.


So there are compact foundations for everyone. Try them out and choose your favorite according to your skin type and the finish you prefer.

Ready to say hello to flawless makeup and flawless skin?

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