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The 3 zodiac women who pretend to be angry to get the attention of others

Astrology can help us solve some of the unknowns that surround women and are difficult to decipher, one of them, for example, is when they get upset about everything. According to the stars, it is not that they are always in a bad mood or anything makes them uncomfortable; there are zodiac signs that pretend to be angry just to get attention.

This behavior occurs mainly in the couple relationship. The women of these signs get angry with a “yes”, “no” or “maybe”. The answer is the least what they want is to always be on the radar of their better half and if they don’t get it, they do whatever it takes to be on their mind.

Meaningless discussions are fabricated by them as a desperate cry for attention. Based on a classification from the PinkVilla online site, we tell you which zodiac women are the most likely to develop this behavior.

Sagittarius women have issues with boundaries. Photo: Shutterstock

Sagittarius women have a curious understanding of personal boundaries, in fact, for them there is almost no dividing line when they are in a relationship. If their partner is busy working, doing something important, or just glancing at their cell phone, they make a ruckus to get their attention, and if they feel dissatisfied, they fabricate an argument just to have their partner’s eyes on them.

Cancer sign.
Cancer women act angry when they feel left out. Photo: Shutterstock

Cancer women, in addition to being affectionate, cloying and physically expressive, are very attached to relationships. If in a meeting their partner pays more attention to their friends they feel displaced, so the way they use to get attention again is drama. In their defense, they do this behavior unconsciously, the problem is when they don’t even know how to differentiate when they are just pretending or when they really feel angry about something.

Scorpio women are subtle to act angry. Photo: Pexels

The techniques that Scorpio women use are more subtle, but not that difficult to discover. If her partner has plans with family or friends that excite her more than her own, jealousy begins to cloud her judgment. They will wait for a small mistake from their partner to get irritated And get all the stuck feelings out. They are capable of making others cancel their plans just to satisfy their tastes.

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