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The 3 zodiac women who are always in fashion, according to astrology

Sensitivity for style could have an astrological influence, in fact, according to the stars there are women in the zodiac who are always in fashion because they are the ones that set trends and are the best dressed of the group.

These signs never go unnoticed, they have something in their personality that leads them to have a keener sense for aesthetics. They find in their wardrobe the perfect combination not only of colors, but also of textures, accessories and hairstyles.

While all zodiac women have their own style, the ones in this list, suggested by astrologers from StyleCaster.com, they know how to harmonize their energy and personality to create avant-garde designs.

One of the ways Leo steals the limelight is through extravagant clothing.. Women born between July 23 and August 22 are self-confident, so they are not afraid to put on flashy clothes.

Leos are glamorous not only in the way they dress, but also in their lifestyle. They go to the trendy places and events that everyone talks about, so they are used to having everyone’s eyes on them.

Women born under this Venus-ruled sign have more of a fashion sensibility because this planet rules aesthetics. Good taste comes by natureso they don’t need a lot of money or effort to create cutting-edge styles.

They can create enviable looks with old sweatshirts, tattered jeans, or psychedelic tops. They have a keen eye, so they always pull off the perfect look.

Those born between April 20 and May 20 are also ruled by Venus, so they appreciate the finer things in life. Their effort translates into money, which they usually invest in their well-cared appearance.. They are women who love luxury, trends, massages, spas, etc.

They are adept at acquiring timeless pieces that go with any occasion. His style is defined as practical, but refined.

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