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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Practice Revenge No Matter What It Takes

The thirst for revenge could be predestined in the planets, because according to astrology they are 3 signs of the zodiac that cannot release resentment from their system until they take justice into their own hand.

No matter what it costs, they will do everything in their power to make sure that person suffers the same or more than they did, and what they want most is to see how the hammer of justice acts with force.

According to astrologer Reda Wigle, revenge is found in Taurus, Scorpio and Capricornbut it is not only present in those who belong to these solar signs, also in those who have them as lunar signs and signs of Mars, since the first governs the instincts and the second governs the instincts, explained the expert in an article for the New York Post.

Months and years can go by, but to Taurus he will never forget all the times he was hurt. As a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of values, they are capable of investing material resources to take out their pain.

His type of revenge can range from a makeover to look more sophisticated, to acquiring courses and other knowledge to hit back harder. According to the astrologer, Taurus is capable of taking grudges to the grave.

Scorpio is the most passionate sign of the zodiac; love or hate with the same force, that is, there are no half measures with him. When hurt he is capable of harsh and cruel retaliation, does not forgive easily or give second chances.

Like Taurus, he holds a grudge for a long time and will wait for the right moment to get even and wreak his lethal revenge on all those who wronged him.

Taurus and Scorpio are signs that practice ruthless revenge, Capricorn’s style is cold, calculating. They secretly work on strategies that will begin to have effects in the medium and long term. This sign is not interested in hitting you emotionally, but rather materially, so rest assured that their revenge will considerably affect your pocket.

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