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The 3 zodiac signs that will say goodbye to March in a bad mood

March has been a month that has been positive in general terms. The spring equinox, the beginning of the Aries season and the new Moon in this same sign pushed us towards our goals, however, energy has been exhausting for 3 zodiac signswho have had too much and are looking forward to the beginning of April.

The planetary transits of the last week of March put Libra, Virgo and Scorpio in a bad mood, signs that could take out their emotional discomfort with the romantic partner, if they have one, or with anyone close. That is why the horoscope predicts tension in your personal relationships.

The good news is that April 2023 comes with a wind of renewal, which means that they will soon get over their grumpy mood. If your sun sign or ascendant is one of them, you may experience an unpleasant closing of the month and YourTango.com tells us what to expect.

The predictions portend that you will have an argument with a work colleague, a person who has put you in a bad mood for a long time. This week will be the last straw and although you may be right, this person will be like a karma that you are still paying.

As a good Virgo, you take work problems home and that will cause your discomfort to harm your loved ones, however, you should not let work problems ruin the rest of your day.

It is possible that you take everything too personally and the reality is that the world is not conspiring against you. This week you could assume a negative or defeatist attitude in all your activities, the reason is that your energy levels are very low.

The best bet you can make to get through this week, says the horoscope, is to take off the great weight you have on your shoulders, let yourself flow and hold on to the hope of a more positive dawn on the horizon.

If this is not your worst week, your attitude towards the problems you face is the worst. You are not in a good mood for setbacks, you like everything to be neat and tidy, and since you don’t feel in the mood to take on more responsibilities, things get worse.

It is possible that you are guilty of everything bad that happens in your life, but the reality is that the only one responsible is yourself.

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