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The 3 zodiac signs that say “I love you” first and 3 that don’t dare

According to astrology, our zodiac sign reveals a lot about the way we express love. There are those who have no problem showing affection, while others prefer to be more reserved. In this sense, there are signs that are not afraid to say “I love you” first in a relationship, in contrast, some do not dare and decide to wait until their partner says it first.

3 signs that say “I love you” first

If you have been in a relationship where your partner beat you to saying soYou may belong to the following zodiac signs:

1. Aquarius

Although Aquarius is one of the coldest signs and least expresses its feelings, when you sincerely love a person you are not afraid to tell them. She knows that she is on safe territory because, to start a relationship, his partner went through a series of unexpected tests that he successfully navigated. For this sign, love is not something to be taken lightly, so if she says it, it is likely that she has a future together in mind.

2. Aries

As an impulsive sign, sometimes the word is very fast. When he loves he feels the need to say it and if you don’t express it, anxiety takes over. Aries is brave, and as the first sign of the zodiac, it’s only natural that Aries be the one who wants to express it first.

3. Cancer

Cancer wants to put the serious touch on the relationship when they feel safe, protected and loved by saying “I love you”. He knows that these words mean a lot to him, if he feels it, he will say it so that his partner knows it and strengthens his bond.

3 signs that do not dare to say “I love you” first

Secondly, if your partner does not tell you that he loves you until you have expressed it your sign is likely to be responsible:

1. Virgo

The words “I love you” make him vulnerable and reveal that he is at the mercy of the partner, which is why you almost never intend to say it until the other person says it first. Although her love is unconditional, she is scared to learn that their relationship is based on emotions rather than logic.

2. Taurus

Love is longed for by Taurus, however, being a practical sign, they prefer to show it than say it. for the bull actions are more valuable than wordsTherefore, even if your partner says “I love you” first, he will wait until you feel totally loved and satisfied.

3. Scorpio

It is the most reserved sign of the zodiac and the one that best keeps secrets. It is in his nature to be discreet especially when it comes to emotions as strong as love. Fear that your partner doesn’t feel the same holds you backthat’s why he waits for her to say it first, then surrender to passion and say it in infinite ways.

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